Interview with Manja Bogicevic, CEO & Founder, Kagera Ai

We thank Manja Bogicevic from Kagera Ai for taking part in this interview.

She helps businesses to work with data science & AI. Her help aids executives in optimize their performance and minimize their downtime with deep learning and machine learning. Her industry focus is Oil & Gas, Mining, Food & Beverage, Retail.

She took learning data science by doing as a challenge, and with the help of her mentor, she was able to land a good ground in data science. 

What Manja says

If you have a love and passion for what you are doing, it is no more like working. Be passionate about what you are doing!

Start with an understanding of the core problem, start small and make a proof of concept. Then scale it gradually once you and the business see the added value. 

My three rules to learn and succeed in data science are: 

  1. Forget about time
  2. Forget about money and
  3. Forget about any fears

I learn by doing, and in this process, I focused on failing fast. And this was driven by a strong discipline, spending two hours every day. 

Being honest and open, taking the rest, and stretching yourself would help you lead in this field. 

Your background skills do not matter; if you have a will, you can learn any new skill. Even this different background can prove helpful for you as domain expertise. 

-Manja Bogicevic


We saved 30% of the cost for a supply chain client by making a library recommendation system. 

-Manja Bogicevic


Knowing what you “know” and what you “don’t know” helps to learn what you don’t know. 

-Manja Bogicevic

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