Top MedTech Companies To Watch in 2023

Healthcare is undoubtedly an essential part of ensuring safe and wonderful lives. Over the last few centuries, medical improvements have cured numerous illnesses and saved many lives. Now in the age of rapid technological advancement, new solutions are being created.

Many companies worldwide are tapping into healthcare to provide physicians and their patients with technological advancements. Whether it’s enhancing the patient experience in independent practices or improving the health of those in need, MedTech is an excellent solution to the technological evolution we’re experiencing. 

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Here are some of the top MedTech companies to watch this year:

Carbon Health

Carbon Health gives hassle-free medical resources to those in need. Founded in 2015, this company aims to provide access to healthcare to everyone by offering in-person and virtual medical appointments. 

For anyone needing immediate medical evaluations, Carbon Health offers great same-day appointments without membership fees. In addition, users can enjoy the benefits of virtual primary care appointments and mental health support from their homes. For exceptional and convenient healthcare, Carbon health is an excellent company to keep an eye on.

Imagine being able to diagnose an illness or ailment only through a selfie. That’s precisely what can do. This company provides revolutionary healthcare based on photo analysis through any mobile device. 

To analyze wounds, users can capture a comprehensive 3D scan with their phone and two calibration stickers and quickly receive detailed documentation about the issue. With many more features, such as kidney testing and prenatal examination, is one of the most convenient MedTech companies on the market.

Bionic Vision Australia

Blindness affects millions worldwide, and there are still minimal amounts of resources to help restore vision. Bionic Vision Australia is a company that essentially provides revolutionary tech to aid in vision restoration. 

With their BVT Bionic retinal prosthesis system, blind individuals can recognize and gain awareness of their surroundings as cameras process imagery of the outside world which is then analyzed in a processing unit. After that, the stimuli are sent to an implant that delivers them to the retina. With fantastic technology to help those in need, it’s no surprise that Bionic Vision Australia ended up on this list. 


Owning a medical practice requires the best management software to streamline workflow and productivity. Tebra is a company that provides independent practices with some of the best digital tools and healthcare software in the industry. 

With Tebra, practice growth has never been more manageable as the company provides software for patient payments and robotic process automation. Users can also take advantage of excellent revenue analytics and data cloud. If you own a practice, then Tebra is essential to implement in your workload.


Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is a disorder that presents an abnormal curve of the spine in young children across the world. ApiFix is a MedTech company that provides solutions to restore the spine of those who have AIS. 

Unlike typical fusion surgery or external braces offered to patients to conform the spine back to regular overtime, ApiFix provides a unique internal brace consisting of two polyaxial joints to allow more significant motion during the process. Patients who undergo this procedure have remarkable recovery, returning to everyday life in 2 weeks. With over ten years of clinical experience, this company is sure to make an impact in the MedTech world. 


Technology is incredible at connecting people no matter where they are, so why can’t this be the case with patients and doctors? Amwell is a company that connects physicians with patients and provides virtual health solutions.

With the help of video conference technology, users can schedule visits with clinical professionals without the hassle of going in person. In addition, users can take advantage of digital mental health resources that have proven to reduce depression and anxiety by 80%. Awarded #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Direct‑to‑Consumer Telehealth Providers, Amwell is undoubtedly a company to consider. 


Suffering from a brain injury or other disorder can genuinely impact people’s lives. MindMaze is a company that provides resources and technology to facilitate brain recovery. 

MindMaze specializes in rehabilitation with the help of their MindMotion home therapy program, where individuals can join live video sessions with healthcare professionals and customized therapy programs. In addition, users have unlimited daily access to these programs, which is why MindMaze is a great company to watch. 

Change Healthcare

To help streamline workflow in medical practices, Change Healthcare is the perfect company to watch. This company presents an all-encompassing platform to aid in medical practices’ engagement and productivity. 

With this platform, users can take advantage of its revenue cycle management and payment accuracy to ensure the patients are taken care of. Furthermore, it also includes accurate healthcare data and analytics. Change Healthcare will take off in the industry with many more exciting features.

Children’s National

Making sure children are safe and healthy worldwide is of the utmost importance. Children’s National is a platform that provides healthcare services to children from various specialties.

These various health inquiries include the following:

  • Cardiac surgery
  • Rare disease institutes
  • Neurology care
  • Oncology resources
  • Orthopedic surgery and sports medicine

Given that Children’s National provides many more care services and is ranked #1 in newborn care, it’s safe to say that this company is changing the world in every way it can.

Osso VR

Practicing medical procedures on actual patients is extremely risky and can cause great harm. Considered the leading virtual reality surgical training and assessment platform, Osso VR provides virtual reality simulations to emulate actual life procedures.

Whether it’s simple medical procedures or complex surgeries, this platform allows much flexibility in applying medical training, as users can access their VR solutions from any location. It also gives users feedback on how well they performed in the simulation. Osso VR is essential in the medical industry and is undoubtedly a company making an impact. 

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