SOCKS5 Proxy vs. HTTP Proxy: Which One Is Better?

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Whether you wish to unblock online restrictions on a website or access international data, using a proxy is one of the wisest things you can do today. This tool is perfect for changing your identity, allowing you to surf the internet anonymously

However, not all proxies are the same. For example, the SOCKS5 proxy is far different from an HTTP one. You must know how they differ so you can pick one that suits your requirements. 

Are you up for comparison? Read below to find it here. 

What Is a Proxy?

You may have heard about proxies several times in your life. After all, they are an important tool of the internet world. However, if you aren’t familiar, we have a piece of detailed information for you. 

Proxies are an intermediary tool that sits between you and your desired web server. Suppose you wish to access a website. However, you are banned from viewing it due to your region. 

In that case, you can use a proxy to change your IP address and identity while you approach the site for access. This tool helps you to be someone else online, so you surf the internet freely. 

Here is how a proxy works. 

  • You send a request to access a web page.
  • The request first passes through the proxy that changes your IP address before transferring it to the web page.
  • The web page assesses your request and approves it if it considers it to be acceptable. 
  • The approval transfers through the proxy and then reaches you, allowing you to view your desired content. 

There is more than one type of proxy, and each comes with special features, making them different from each other. Two common proxies are SOCKS5 and HTTP. Which one is better?

Let’s find out!

SOCKS5 Proxy-An Introduction and Use Cases

Have you heard about a SOCKS5 proxy? This one works quite differently and is one of the best alternatives to a traditional proxy. 

A SOCKS5 proxy routes data packets from a configured source. These packs travel through a remote server that changes their IP address before they finally reach their destination. The entire process helps you to be anonymous online. 

When you use SOCKS5 proxies, you appear to be someone surfing the internet from an entirely different location. 

One of the best things about SOCKS5 proxies is that they are only built for authorized users. They are also considered much more flexible than other options. In addition, they have excellent security features and are perfect for you if you don’t protect your data using encryption. 

A SOCKS5 proxy can be used in many scenarios. For instance, you can use it to unban a website, access geo-location restrictions, and bypass filters and firewalls

These proxies also prove helpful in transferring data in real time and with speed. Besides, they are perfect for web scraping. Web scraping is very helpful for businesses, especially in the marketing industry. We need proxies and tools for scraping emails, full names, and even phone numbers to be able to reach out to them. That’s because of the high anonymity levels and high speeds they offer. 

When you use SOCKS5 proxies, you don’t get recognized by your real identity, and that’s what changes the game for you. 

HTTP Proxies-An Introduction and Use Cases

Designed to handle HTTP traffic solely, these proxies can easily manage all types of web-based communication. If you want to make all your online interactions smooth and clear, run an HTTP proxy in the background and let it do its work quietly. 

Here is how this proxy works. 

  • When you send an HTTP request to your desired page, it first travels through the proxy. 
  • This step separates your device from the web page, giving you a new identity online and allowing you to surf the internet anonymously. 

You can use an HTTP proxy in many cases. For instance, it is a perfect tool to gather data and perform web scraping. You can use it in both your personal and enterprise capacity. 

Similarly, it also helps bypass geo-restrictions and assists in filtering content and any parental controls placed on the website. 

Like most other proxies, you can use an HTTP proxy to bypass firewalls as well.

How Is a SOCKS5 Proxy Different From an HTTP One? Which One Is Better?

Are you looking for the best proxy for your use? In that case, both SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies may seem like great candidates. However, they are a tad different, making one better than the other. 

HTTP proxies only work with HTTP webpages. However, a SOCKS5 proxy can handle all types of traffic. 

Similarly, when it comes to flexibility, a SOCKS5 proxy is much better and more efficient than an HTTP one. The latter deals with specific protocols but doesn’t offer much flexibility and security. 

When you consider these differences, a SOCKS5 proxy does stand out and proves to be much better. 


A good proxy can change the way you surf the internet. Now that we have clearly helped you differentiate between the two proxies, pick one that meets your required needs and access your desired web pages without worries. 

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