Top 25 AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter by 2019

With Artificial Intelligence playing a central role in the era of digital transformation, sharing information and knowledge about the advancements and the opportunities brought by AI is becoming crucial.

The influencers presented in this list are actively sharing information and knowledge about AI and disruptive technologies. They are the co-founders of AI ventures, machine learning professors, data scientists, and tech and digital transformation leaders.

We want to thank the influencers who took part as evaluation committee members in the TOP 25 Initiative 2018, including Spiros Margaris, Alvin Foo, and Vinod Sharma, and we can officially announce that applications are open to join the evaluation committee of the TOP 25 Initiative 2019.

1. Andrew Ng

Followers: 448,245

Andrew Ng is the co-founder of an online platform called Coursera. Coursera offers online courses and degree programs that are easily available for everyone. If you want to develop new skills or if you have been wanting to follow your heart and shift to a new career, follow and be inspired by Mr. Andrew Ng.

2. Fei-Fei Li

Followers: 329,829

Fei-Fei Li is a professor at Stanford University and the Co-Director of Stanford University’s Human-Centered AI Institute. The mission of this Institute is to improve the human condition through AI Research. If you are a firm believer of the great impact of technology to our society, go and check out Professor Fei-Fei Li’s account.

3. Tamara McCleary

Followers: 306,584

Tamara McCleary is the founder and CEO of a social media marketing company called Thulium. The company offers Social Media Analytics, Social Media Strategy and Influencer Programs. You should start following Tamara McCleary if you are a business owner who wants to promote and engage your brand through Social Media.

4. Evan Kirstel

Followers: 269,232

Evan Kristel is a top technology influencer and with more than 270K followers on twitter. He helps his clients in social media marketing and offers consultancy services. He posts updates on new technology including AI and IoT, watch out for Evan Kristel’s posts  if you want to be updated on this topics.

5. Kirk Borne

Followers: 248,421

Kirk Borne is a Principal Data Analyst and a Global Speaker. He ranked as top 1 Digital Influencer of 2019 and going 2020 in the list released by IPFC ONLINE. He posts his speaking engagement on Data Science.

6. Ronald van Loon

Followers: 204,120

Ronald van Loon is also a top AI Influencer of 2019. He helps data-driven companies generate value. He has a youtube account where he posts videos sharing insights about AI. If you want to get inspired and learn more about Augmented Analytics, you should follow Ronald van Loon’s Twitter account.

7. Yann LeCun

Followers: 164,929

Yan LeCun is a professor in New York University (NYU), and a researcher in the field of AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics and Computation Neuroscience. He shares blog posts regarding AI and events, thus, if you want some updates on the same, Yan LeCun is worthy to be followed.

8. Mike Quindazzi

Followers: 140,087

Mike Quindazzi is a US Digital Alliance Sales Leader based in Los Angeles, California. He has extensive experience in management consultancy and helps his clients grow and find competitive advantage. He shares development in AI and Robotics. If you find interest in Robotics, he also posts insightful videos on twitter.

9. Hilary Mason

Followers: 118,988

Hilary Mason is the Founder and CEO Fast Forward Labs, a machine intelligence research company. She posts witty tweets regarding robotics and intelligence research on her twitter account. You might want to join her followers if you are interested in robotics.

10. Antonio Grasso

Followers: 88,825

Mr. Antonio Grasso is a Digital Transformation Advisor, a B2B Tech Influencer, author and speaker. He posts on different topics about Digital Transformation like Mobile DevOps, Digital Tokens and AI Marketing Techniques in his twitter account. If your interests revolve in such areas, you should definitely check out his Twitter account.

11. Spiros Margaris

Followers: 88,626

Spiros Margaris is the founder of Margaris Ventures. He is the top 1 influencer in Onalytica, a company that specializes in providing Influencer Relationship Management. His twitter account features tweets about Fintech and AI. 

12. Michael Fisher

Followers: 81,904

Michael Fisher Jr. is a Senior Systems Analyst at Whitcraft Group and a Cyber Security Consultant. He has an interview with Dell about cybersecurity and AI innovation. He posts must-read articles on his twitter account about cybersecurity and privacy.

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13. Andy Fitze

Followers: 76,542

Andy Fitze is the Co-Founder of Swiss Cognitive and a Global AI Advisor. He posts enthralling tweets on his Twitter. Like expert predictions for 2020’s AI development.

14. Jean-Baptiste Lefevre

Followers: 58,720

Jean-Baptiste Lefevre is a growth-hacker and a social media lover. He is committed in sharing innovations in AI and robotics. 

15. Pinna Pierre

Followers: 53,187

Pinna Pierre is a Computer Science Engineer based in France. He is the founder of IPFConline Digital Innovations. He posts innovations and new technology in Robotics, hence, if you are looking for topnotch Influencers in AI and robotics, you should go and check out Pinna Pierre’s twitter account.

16. Martin Ford

Followers: 47,144

Martin Ford is the author of the bestselling book Rise of the Robots, a book that discusses the impact of artificial intelligence in the labor market. He talks about his books and shares top blog posts about artificial intelligence. 

17. Peter Skomoroch

Followers: 45,825

Peter Skomoroch was the founder and CEO of SkipFlag before it was acquired by Workday in 2018. He posts several articles about artificial intelligence and technology. If you are involved in machine learning consulting, you might want to follow his twitter account.


18. Sebastian Raschka

Followers: 39,635

Sebastian Raschka is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin, a researcher, an author, and an open-source contributor. He tweets about artificial intelligence and coding. 

19. Alvin Foo

Followers: 38,918

Alvin Foo is passionate about artificial intelligence, digital transformation, marketing and sustainable development. He is one of the top influencers for emerging technologies on twitter. On his twitter he posts innovation of new technologies. 

20. Andreas Mueller

Followers: 37,482

Andreas Mueller is a Machine Learner, a Python Geek and scikit-learn developer and a Research Scientist at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University. He shares insightful blogs posts about artificial intelligence, often authored by himself.

21. Vinod Sharma

Followers: 31,898

Vinod Sharma is a Digital Transformation Leader, a Keynote Speaker and a Researcher based in Bangkok, Thailand. He posts about understanding artificial intelligence and he maintains a blog where writes technical articles about artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks. 

22. Dr. Robin Kiera

Followers: 28,518

Dr. Robin Kiera is an author and speaker who scouts trends around the world. He is one of the top 100 social media and marketing influencers in the list released by On his Twitter account, he posts about artificial intelligence and improving cybersecurity. 

23. Samiran Ghosh

Followers: 24,846

Samiran Ghosh is a senior advisor at Mckinsey, author and speaker and a startup mentor in artificial intelligence. He posts about artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, new technologies, and articles about sustainability. 

24. Joanna J Bryson

Followers: 22,550

Joanna J Bryson is a writer and a researcher in artificial and natural intelligence, based in Berlin. She specializes in sharing posts about artificial intelligence and ethics.

25. Hanna Wallach

Followers: 15,382

Hannah Wallach is a senior researcher and a professor in University of Massachusetts Amherst. She posts online papers about the intersection of machine learning and HCI.

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