TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2018

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The Evaluation Committee has completed the evaluations for the AI Time Journal TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2018.

A Recognition to AI Companies

The purpose of theAI Time Journal TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2018 Initiative is to give recognition and showcase AI companies for their contribution in 2018 to applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to solve significant and complex problems in a multitude of domains including Agriculture, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Autonomous Vehicles and more.

Evaluation Committee

The TOP 25 Evaluation Committee is composed of AI influencers, founders and data scientists from major companies. We thank the Committee members for their contribution to evaluating the TOP 25 companies.

TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2018

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Gamaya is an advanced solution for mapping and diagnosing in the farming sector. They aim to reach sustainable agriculture and global food security by helping farmers in managing their operational activity: that will reduce costs as well as minimize the impact on the environment. The technology offered by Gamaya is suitable for both large industrial farming and small-holder farming.

Kreditech combines non-traditional data sources and machine learning to revolutionize financial service into the next level. They offer various financial services starting from loans, digital wallets, and a personal financial manager to provide better access to credit and a more convenient way for digital banking services.

Woobo utilizes cutting edge robot and AI technology to bring kids friends to life. They push the boundaries of what the kids’ toys can truly be by providing a fluffy and soft buddy for kids that could interact with them, amuse them, and grow along with them. The toys are developed and equipped with AI, an advanced user experience examiner, voice recognition, and also friendly design for kids.

Neurala develops AI technology that can be deployed on the lightest devices ranging from smartphones, drones, robots, to industrial machines. They leverage AI to help the user in conducting automated inspections. Neurala cooperates with companies in the world to harness the power of the brain to solve various problems in the world.

Spatial.AI utilizes billions of data points to generate a social media dataset that will be suitable for urban planning. They explore more than 70 geosocial segments that could analyze human behavior regardless of geographical condition. Spatial.AI is focusing on understanding human behavior and the experience in the world around them.

OccamzRazor develops a complete map of disease enabling us to understand how a disease works, identify biomarkers, and allowing us to develop more effective and efficient drugs and treatment. With a map of diseases, OccamRazor can navigate the intricacies of the brain and recognize the hidden connection within the brain making it easier to find the path in curing the disease.

Textio builds text based on the rough ideas of words we write making them the first augmented writing technology. They develop a data-fueled predictive engine that could understand and analyze the words we mostly use, our style of writing, and transform it into a strong and powerful text that sounds like what the writer wants to express. Textio helps people who struggle with delivering thoughts through words.

AppZen utilizes AI to help companies lead the way in modern financial systems. They help companies automating manual processes, uncover problems, and assist companies in the decision-making process by providing thousands of data processed by machine learning and semantic analysis. They understand online financial data and financial transactions in a business context suitable for CFOs.

NewtonX connects its clients with the world’s leading investors, consultants, and business and technology executives. They provide remote expert consultation such as video conference or phone interviews, online surveys and quantitative research, expert recruiting, as well as ad hoc expert projects. They are experts in proprietary knowledge graph methodology to identify the best possible experts for each specific request of the client.

Umbo Computer Vision develops security cameras that can identify objects as well as human eyes. Umbo video security cameras could also detect possible harmful situations and interesting situations either inside of a building, in a desert, snow, or any other external area.

DeepScale is utilizing deep machine learning for autonomous driving. DeepScale partners with automotive suppliers, chip manufacturers, OEMs, and backed by Silicon Valley to redefine safety for autonomous vehicles.

Crediwatch is a platform that analyzes data and extracts valuable insight by using artificial intelligence and deep learning. They provide businesses real-time insights to take strategic measures by building augmented human intelligence.

Haptik is a conversational AI company that reached 100 million devices and has processed more than 2 billion conversations. They empower conversation to assist brands in transforming the customer experience. Haptik built an advanced technology that could enable any kind of conversational application to shift the paradigm of interaction from clicks to conversation.

Directly supports companies by providing them virtual agents helping them in enterprise automated customer service. They help companies preventing customer loss, strategically answer any customer issue. Directly integrates with leading CRM applications, messaging applications and virtual agents to reduce human and customer interaction by 80%.

Anodot utilizes AI to replace manual data monitoring. They deliver autonomous analytics in real-time giving businesses a real-time forecast for their strategy. They run an analyst mastery to eliminate the blind spot of the business and also help them in finding and fixing issues in a cost-effective way.

CarePredict is an AI-driven digital health company that aims to help caregivers deliver better care services for elders. CarePredict develops a wearable technology that could track elders’ health conditions, sleep patterns, eating patterns, and can detect any unusual signs.

Wade & Wendy is developing an AI chatbot to improve the recruitment process of the user. They provide companies and people with insights and recommendations in the hiring process making Wade & Wendy a full-time desk AI recruiter and personalized recruiting at scale.

Signal Media is aggregating billions of data sourced from an array of communication channels for audiences to discover and extract the most reliable information. Signal Media assist PR and communication professionals in getting information and data of what they need to know on a real-time basis.

Onfido is an AI-based company that helps enterprises asses if IDs of their customers are fraudulent and compare it with the facial biometrics. With Onfido, companies can get reassurance if the identity of their customer is real or not. With Onfido aims to reduce identity fraud experienced by companies.

Petuum is providing software infrastructure and an ecosystem that enable clients to build a machine learning or deep learning application and deploy it in any hardware. The vertical AI solution can cover a wide range of areas such as healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and financial services. utilizes AI and computational linguistic on natural language generation. They automate the creation of a patent application with the commercial service that they develop by converting attorney-drafted software method claims into a first-draft specification. They make the system work in a short time making it a very efficient software patent preparation and thus improving attorneys’ workflow. is developing a conversational banking service with AI. They assist banks and credit unions by creating intelligent virtual assistants, making it possible for them to automate the customer engagement process. helps customer service departments with automated, intelligent and meaningful customer engagement with natural dialogues delivered through messaging and voice.

Yanu is a cloud-based fully automated bartender that take customer’s order with a sense, ensuring there is no mistake being made. The machine can hold up to 50 bottles in one take and operate in a more effective way than human bartenders.

vPhrase utilizes AI to make companies’ reports become easy to understand by explaining the insight in each word of the report. They automate the work of analysis and communication making it possible to explain insight and nuances that words or charts and tables alone cannot explain. vPhrase enables organizations to reduce misinterpretation of data and gain meaningful insight from the complex datasets.

Imagen develops technology that can extend the frontiers of medicine and thus improve the well-being of a human. They use AI on medical image analysis making sure all diagnoses of the disease are being made and ensure the health condition of people in the world. Their goal is to reduce errors in the diagnosis process.



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