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The Evaluation Committee has completed the evaluations for the AI Time Journal TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2019.

A Recognition to AI companies

The objective of the AI Time Journal TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2019 Initiative is to give recognition and showcase AI companies for their contribution in 2019 to applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to solve significant and complex problems and improve people’s lives in a multitude of domains including Healthcare, Education, Finance, Autonomous Vehicles and more.

Evaluation Committee

Note: companies that employ evaluation committee members have not been included in the evaluations.

Thought Leadership comments by Committee Members

Alvin Foo: “The adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning to facilitate human decision-making will continue to accelerate. While it creates opportunities to automate, it will also open up new challenges for IT team to address the potential increase in cyberattack. The advancement of AI provides a scalable cybersecurity solution for companies to automate and protect their IT assets. The future of cybersecurity will be AI-powered!”

Jeff Kagan: “Today, we are experiencing something that we have only read about in history books. Like in the days of Ford, Edison and Rockefeller, today, AI or Artificial Intelligence is working with other new and revolutionary technologies like IoT the cloud to reinvent and transform our world.

If we look backwards, all this incredible change has happened in just the last five, ten, fifteen years. Think of all the amazing technology that is changing our world. It didn’t exist a decade or two ago. 

Large and small companies with big new ideas are transforming industry after industry. Think about how AI is changing wireless, telecommunications, pay TV, healthcare and countless other industries. These industries already look very different compared to just a decade ago. And this change is continuing.

This is the most exciting and biggest opportunity we have seen in generations for the investor, worker, executive, and user.”

Antonio Grasso: “In 2020 we’ll see the advancement of Artificial Intelligence at Edge; local intelligence that drives decisions without needs to send all the data to the cloud.

This way we can have better response time and save on the amount of data we send over the network.
But this will be only half of the work because we still need Central Intelligence to feed the local learning process via a centralized elaboration of part of the data collected at the edge.

So, local intelligence and central intelligence will partner to optimize the whole feature in a seamless collaboration with great benefits to the organization in terms of results and data optimization.

Linking this architecture to Edge and Fog Computing will feed a disruptive alternative to the current industrial scenario.”

TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2019

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iRobot uses AI to integrate an in-house cleaning system. Vacuuming and moping are done automatically and consecutively by the cleaning robot that can signal each other. iRobot tries to answer the demand for efficiency and effectivity in the house works thus they try to make it as if the home is alive on its own.

Shape Security is a protector in the cyber world that uses advanced technology to create strong protection for its customers. The security makes cybercriminals give up on attacking the web or application as it is equipped with a too sophisticated to comprehend protection.

Kidaptive is an AI-based algorithm that helps educational companies fully utilize their collected data in order to empower learners of all ages with sophisticated tools along with their parents and teachers. Kidaptive exists to enhance today’s available learning context and to support a long-term vision of a universal psychometric profile.

Aptiv is using artificial intelligence in the automotive industry to advance the mobility of today and in the future. They create an advanced technology to deliver a safer, better and enhanced experience of more than just mobility in autonomous cars but also improved vehicle connectivity

Darktrace initiates the creation of autonomous response technology in the cyber world. They develop a strong protection system to automatically detect fraud and threats in e-mails, cloud data, networks, IoT, as well as industrial systems. With a quick response of detection, Darktrace protect us from encountering data loss, malware, and long-term vulnerabilities is an iOS-based application that helps the user to accelerate medical research. By using AI, solves the issue of data loop thus creating a more effective and efficient medicine around the world. Whilst aggregating all imported data, ensures the user’s data are kept anonymous and protected.

Jvion advances in analyzing trajectory risked patient and by using AI, they prescribe patient-specific prevention. Their aim is to prevent predictable harm and the cost that follows. Jvion helps in creating a better healthcare system that will improve individual intervention and the attention of doctors towards patients.

Rethink Robotics is revolutionizing the work between machines and humans. Instead of separating them, Rethink Robotics wants to make them collaborate with reliable and quickly deployed robots that work well and safe side-to-side with human. With innovative robots, they help industrial manufacturing to work faster, more efficient and more effective.

Aidoc Medical analyze medical images and patient data. They use AI to help radiologists detect anomalies in the patient body. They have proven to increase the productivity of radiologists by providing an effective technology that improves the clinical workflow.

BenevolentAI utilizes AI to analyze scientific data to generate effective drugs for patients. By analyzing data in the process of making drugs from the early-stage discovery to late-stage clinical development, BenevolentAI aims to discover treatments for more than 8,000 untreated diseases.

Medopad is an AI-based platform that analyzes data to generate predictive insights and detect the life-threatening condition of a patient in a wide variety of disease areas. They partner with world-leading healthcare providers to solve problems of chronics, complex, and rare diseases.

Zoox is a fully autonomous car that can drive in highways, detect traffic lights, allow pedestrians to go first, as well as park the car by itself. Zoox is applying the latest technology to transform mobility-as-a-service to be autonomously safe and enjoyable by humans. They build a specifically built vehicle for on-demand mobility.

Creative Virtual is a conversational self-service solution that enables 24/7 engagement of customers and the employee through chatbot, virtual agent, and live chat solutions which is accurate, seamless and personalized. Creative Virtual’s product can be deployed to various devices making information delivery become more effective and quicker.

Paige develops a deep learning algorithm to generate world-class data and clinical expertise to address the needs of pathologists. Paige is using more powerful and efficient tools for diagnoses to generate better treatment selection and drug development. utilizes image recognition to generate insights that will improve user marketing strategy, customer experience, and reduce costs thus making them the leading company in AI for fashion and retail. acts as intelligent retail automation that helps in creating a better-informed decision-makers teams.

Century Tech is using AI technology to advance education. This learning platform provides a constantly adaptive pathway for students and a reliable powerful assessment to help teachers understand their students better. Century is suitable for primary and secondary school as well as college.

Nauto is designed to learn the behavior of the driver to reduce high-risk accidents. They analyze billions of data and millions of AI-processed videos to continuously improve the detection of distracted drivers and prevent the accident before it happens.

Data Robot is a provider of reliable AI technology and ROI enablement to deliver billion of predictions. Data Robot helps customers cut costs thanks to an optimized AI tech performance over time that can turn data into valuable insights. Data Robot is suitable for companies with high data generation and analysis.

Insilico utilizes AI to generate drug that hasn’t been discovered and also analyze millions of data to provide personalized healthcare. Insilico is specialized in anti-aging intervention research dedicated to extending human productivity and the transformation of drug discovery.

Explorium helps data scientists extract valuable insights for their machine learning models by giving them access to thousands of external sources. This way, data scientists can identify the most effective features of their models.

Metromile is innovating the auto insurance world by offering a pay-per-mile car insurance mechanism that is efficient for clients to use and cut the unnecessary cost of insurance.

Airobotics is providing a fully automatic device to collect aerial data and enable users to gain useful insights. The unmanned drone is designed to fit with a specific situation to answer the need of the world’s most complex industrial environments. With their advanced technology, they target mining, seaports, and the oil&gas industry.

Lumiata is an AI-based company that produces intelligent health analytics to improve the predictability of risk thus increasing risk awareness and cost management. To provide reliable data, Lumiata processes more than 100 million patient data on health records, financial, clinical, and risk algorithms. develop deep learning algorithms for visual recognition technology. Their technology helps customers transform visual data, extract it, and turn it into something useful. is a SaaS platform that can monitor cross-device conversational applications. They enable all chats from any platform (SMS, Slack, Alexa, Google Assistant) to be conveyed in one platform and processed it into valuable data.

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