Top 5 AI courses on Udemy

Update April 2020: Have a look at our most recent article on the best data science and machine learning courses.

Open new doors by learning the skills of the future with top AI Udemy courses

Are you considering becoming a data scientist or data engineer? 

Are you working in software development and want to lift your rank and salary with AI skills?

Or are you simply interested in AI to learn the skills that will be crucial in the coming years?

In this article, we curated a list of top AI Udemy courses.

AI industry growth

World tech giants such as Google, IBM and Amazon are investing heavily in AI.

According to Forrester Research, by 2020 AI platforms will be worth:


that is $1.2 trillion.

Jobs in AI are spiking

IBM reports that by 2020 the annual demand for data scientists, data developers, and data engineers will lead to 700.000 new jobs per year (IBM).

Data scientists jobs in the US by 2024: 250,000
Average salary in the US today: $139,000

Will you take advantage of this opportunity?

We curated a list of Udemy online courses that are allowing thousands of people to learn the skills required to take advantage of this opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn How To Build An AI


International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the investments in AI will reach 52.2 billion in 2021 (46% increase) and as we mentioned data scientists earn an average salary of $139,000.

Why we featured it

Over 60,000 students have learned AI thorough this course, which gained more than 6,000 reviews and uses a learn by doing approach to make sure the students internalize the concepts.

Kirill’s story

It all started as a Kickstarter project, as course-instructor Kirill Eremenko told us:

Artificial Intelligence A-Z was born after we saw the huge potential of A.I. in virtually everything around us, as well as an ever-growing demand for good education to understand this field. This is when we decided to try to create the best Artificial Intelligence course that you could find out there. We knew that A.I. would be an immense challenge, so much so, that we realized we needed help – and decided to start a Kickstarter campaign. To our surprise, more than 2,800 backers gave us their support and “Artificial Intelligence A-Z” was born! We could not have done it without their help.”

The beginners guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity


The gaming industry is booming and is on its way to reaching $138 billion in revenue for 2018, and we have already seen examples of how AI is transforming video games.

Why we featured it

In this course, over 10,000 students have learned how to create games that leverage AI, and in particular how to create believable characters.

The course requires being familiar with the Unity framework: if you aren’t yet you can find a Unity course here.

We spoke with the course instructor Penny de Byl about her motivation to create the course:

I wanted to make AI principles and practice accessible to people who aren’t able to attend university, I wanted to explain it to beginners in a way that they could understand and apply in their own games to bring their characters alive,” she said to ATJ. When we talked about the importance of taking the theory into practice she pointed out how “using Unity makes it easy to show beginner and experienced game developers the theory and then have it up and running in a very short time”.

Data Science, Deep Learning & Machine Learning with Python


There are more than 6,000 open positions in the area of San Francisco (on Glassdoor) for data scientists with Python knowledge.

Why we featured it

Over 60,000 students have enrolled in this course which features a hands-on approach to learn AI from the basis up to master level. Moreover, this bestseller course builds upon the power of Python, the preferred choice of data scientists with many data science libraries already available.

More than a decade ago, Frank Kane was hired at Amazon as a programmer and went through several challenges:

It’s really the course I wish I had when I first started working at Amazon; they initially hired me based on my programming and computer science skills, but I had to quickly master machine learning on my own. This course should spare others some of that pain! It focuses on practical applications of these techniques, and how you would use them in the real world” he said.

If you have some programming background and you are somehow afraid of the AI revolution, you can instead be part of it by taking this course.

Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp with R


A quick research on Glassdoor shows that there are 500 R-programming positions open in San Francisco, with a range of salaries varying from $100k to $140k per year.

Why we featured it

Over 30,000 students enrolled and 5,000 reviewed the course, appreciating the thorough introduction and the training exercises.

Some years ago, Jose Portilla started studying the R language, and he told us how he “couldn’t find any resources that took me from complete beginner all the way to learning about data visualization and machine learning. So, later on, when I was looking into creating more courses I decided to create a complete resource for someone who is a total beginner in the language to be able to come up to speed and immediately apply those new skills to wherever they were working.

If you are a statistician looking for a career switch or you are just about to enter in the work market, learning R is an option to consider, and maybe it will lead to a new job in San Francisco!

Artificial Intelligence Website Creation 2018 (no coding)

Competitive market for web developers and designers

Web developers and designers are required to continually update their skills to be competitive in the market and find new opportunities. This is because technology is quickly evolving and reshaping the way we create websites. The technology skills a web developer needed 5 years ago are different than today, and they will probably be even more different in 5 years from now, especially with the automation brought by AI.

Code the website from scratch or save time to focus on the business?

If you want to focus on starting your own business or get more clients as a freelancer, rather than being up-to-date with the constant change of web technologies, then this course is for you.

The types of websites that you can create is almost unlimited, including online shops, company websites, freelancer portfolio… All of this by leveraging the power of AI.

Why we featured it

This course rapidly gained 20,000 students, with tons of enthusiastic reviews.

The course instructor Srinidhi Ranganathan told us about his mission to save people’s time:

“I wish to help web developers not to code but instead create sites at lightning speeds. That is real education: if a layman can do it with Ai.”

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