Top Reasons to Outsource Your Office 365 Migration and Management

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What is Office 365 migration and management

Microsoft Office 365 migration is the process that many businesses are following these days to provide better working conditions for their employees. Office 365 migration is the process of transferring business operations to a new and innovative online platform.

By migrating to Microsoft Office 365, businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous features and other benefits offered by the application. However, to migrate to a new platform without losing any data is considered almost impossible if done without the help of experienced professionals. 

To accomplish the Microsoft Office 365 migration process successfully, businesses should seek out intermediary companies to ensure that the migration process is completed by following the right protocols. For instance, Microsoft Office 365 migration consulting services by EPC are available for businesses to outsource and seek consultation in regard to Office 365 migration processes. By outsourcing, businesses will not spend a lot of time and effort to research and find the best methods of migration; instead, they will be able to dedicate that time to their daily operations, while allowing the intermediary company to complete the migration task. 

Why should businesses migrate their Office 365

As mentioned, outsourcing the migration of Office 365 allows companies to dedicate more time for their business operations instead of figuring out what needs to be done to achieve a successful migration. 

However, before outsourcing the migration, it is important to understand why it is essential for businesses to migrate their operations to Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is an online platform that allows employees to work from a single online environment, without having to constantly change applications which can be tiring and confusing. 

So, with Office 365, employees will have access to everything they need in a single environment – applications such as Microsoft Teams for communication, Microsoft Excel for storing and analyzing data, Sharepoint for uploading and sharing different types of documents, and many others will be available when working within the Office 365 environment. 

Additionally, employees will be able to access their files from anywhere in the world, which has proven to increase the effectiveness of remote working and making the process easier and quicker. 

Lastly, the Office 365 platform offers companies a more secure platform by giving employees the opportunity to assign multi-factor authentication to their accounts to increase the protection on their accounts. 

Now that some of the reasons for migrating to Office 365 are identified, it is essential to understand why outsourcing this process is important to prevent data loss. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should consider increasing the budget on Office 365 migration to include outsourcing the process.

Reasons for outsourcing:

1- High-levels of complexity during the migration process

Office 365 migration required businesses to transfer every file and data available in their hardwares and storages to the Office 365 platform. This process can be complex and could potentially cause businesses to face some challenges when transferring all of the data. 

To avoid  the risks of facing challenges and losing data, it is best that businesses transfer the responsibility of the task to professionals by outsourcing the migration. 

2- Faster and more efficient migration

Since outsourcing the migration process requires businesses to depend on firms who are specialized in Office 365 migration, the process will be completed faster and in a more efficient manner as the professionals will know all of the tips and tricks for completing the task. 

Hence, by depending on outsourcing companies, businesses will not lose a lot of time due to technical reasons, and will be back to continue their operations quickly. 

3- Reduced chances of losing data during the migration process

As mentioned beforehand, the complexity of the migration process can cause businesses to lose data during the migration and transferring process. By outsourcing to other companies, the chances of losing data will be reduced since those responsible for the migration will be equipped with the right knowledge and will take the necessary precautions to avoid data loss.

4- Access to professionals with experience in Office 365 migration

After the migration process, it might be that some things might not be clear to many employees. Thus, having access to professionals who have experience with Office 365 migration can help them understand some of the basics when it comes to data migration. 

5- Availability to have training materials

Some outsourcing companies provide their customers with training materials when using Office 365. Even though Office 365 is not complicated to use, some employees might need access to some materials to understand the basics of using the environment and accessing the offered features. 

6- Ongoing monitoring from the outsourcing company

Finally, by outsourcing the migration process to another company, businesses will not have to worry about the monitoring and whether the migration process was a success since all of it will be done by the outsourcing company. 


To conclude, Microsoft Office 365 migration is a complex process and should be done with experienced individuals. Thus, it is recommended that companies who wish to migrate to Office 365, outsource this step of the process. 

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