What is No-code AI and Why is it a Leading Tech Trend?

In today’s competitive business environment, AI has become a necessity. AI allows businesses to save time and money and optimize their productivity and operations. Without it, a business can find itself being left behind, unable to compete with more efficient enterprises. 

However, for a lot of small to medium-sized businesses, it is hard to find and fund the resources needed to implement AI systems. This is where No-code AI comes in. No-code AI allows businesses to access the power of AI without having to understand the advanced technical jargon

In this article, we will explain exactly what No-code AI is and why it is a trend you need to watch. 

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What is No-code AI?

The term No-code AI may seem contradictory. How can AI require no code? Albeit confusing, No-code AI does not refer to AI itself. Rather, it is defined as the process of building AI solutions without having to write a single line of code

Many believe that No-code AI is the natural progression of AI technology. Similar to how the first computers were mainly used by a select group of universities and scientists, only highly educated individuals have developed and worked with AI. However, like computers, as AI becomes more efficient and easier to use, AI is slowly being adopted by the masses. 

Jonathan Reilly, Akkio’s CEO, summed up this AI revolution the best in the New York Times: “First, it’s used by a small core of scientists. Then, the user base expands to engineers who can navigate the technical nuance and jargon until finally, it’s made user-friendly enough that almost anyone can use it.”

How does No-code AI work?

No-code AI works similarly to online website builders such as Wix or WordPress. Users interact with a No-code platform and can easily access the underlying AI technologies. These platforms are typically web browsers that anyone, with any skill level or familiarity with AI, can use. 

The most common types of AI that No-code AI platforms provide are computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics. Computer vision platforms help users to scan images and documents and take actions based on the visual data gathered. NLP platforms can be used to process spoken and written language from sources such as texts, emails, etc. Predictive analytics platforms allow users to process tabular data and predict outcomes. This can be used for a variety of tasks such as predicting a business’s churn rate, forecasting stock prices, and more. 

Listed below are a few No-code platforms that you can begin using today:

Why is No-code AI a Leading Tech Trend?

Currently, AI and ML are assisting people faced with the age-old dilemma: too many problems and not enough resources to solve them. As AI and ML become more advanced, they also become better equipped to take on some of our toughest challenges. In a competitive environment that constantly requires businesses to innovate and improve, the potential of AI and ML is incredibly exciting. However, there is one caveat — as of today, only a few are knowledgeable enough to use this game-changing tech. 

No-code AI is looking to change that. Experts claim that No-code AI is a key factor in encouraging the mass adoption of AI. Imagine the number of problems we can solve when more people have access to AI and ML.

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