7 Best Machine Learning Courses in 2024


Have you ever wondered how Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa works? Does the system of how Facebook recommends friends and personalizes feeds for you, or how email spam detection takes place, fascinate you? I am pretty sure it does. This is all possible because of the emerging technology called ‘Machine Learning’. 

Machine Learning can be defined as the ability of computers that enable them to recognize patterns, collect data based on them and predict the output based on certain conditions provided. Right from small-scale industries to humongous industries, machine learning dominates its presence everywhere. 

Apart from the examples mentioned above, other popular applications include product recommendations from various shopping apps, traffic predictions while commuting, facial recognition, or automatic cars. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and its most popular application. 

When it comes to personal assistants, machine learning is an important part as they collect and refine the information based on the user’s previous involvement with them. The same goes for other widely used applications. 

Now you might think about building a career in this domain. As technology is advancing, the demand for Machine Learning Engineers is increasing. There are tons of jobs in this industry including Machine Learning Engineer, Human-centered Machine Learning Engineer, Natural Language Processing, etc. 

But in order to grab a job in the above domains, you must be proficient in Machine Learning. Don’t worry, we have got you sorted. We have curated a list of the ‘7 Best Machine Learning Courses in 2023’. By taking up any of these courses, you can get market ready and upskill yourself. All of these courses are online which will help you to reach the pinnacle to grab a job in this domain. Let us check the 7 courses-

Factors to be Considered Before Taking up the Machine Learning Course

We have taken a lot of facts into consideration before listing down the list of 7 Best Machine Learning Courses. The suggestions given by us will be worth the energy and time you are investing to check the list.

  • Syllabus- This is one of the most important factors that need to be considered. The depth of the syllabus that is covered along with the level i.e., for beginners or advanced learning. 
  • Skills- The various skills or pre-requisite knowledge required to enroll in this course.
  • Course outcome- After taking up the course, what will be obtained is also essential. Along with a certificate, whether the course provides the students with placement assistance, doubt support, or mock interviews.
  • Course duration- The total duration of each course is also considered.
  • Fees- This is also one of the important factors. We have ranked each course according to this criterion which will aid to decide the best course.

7 Best Machine Learning Courses in 2024

The top 7 Machine Learning courses are given below. You can find the details of these courses below.

1. Machine Learning Course Training by Scaler

The Machine Learning Course Training by Scaler is the most popular online course for imbibing knowledge related to machine learning. The course is designed by industry aficionados who have expertise in this domain.  This course does not just aim to teach everything from scratch but to cover all the topics and the mathematical concepts behind machine learning algorithms. Those who have graduated on or before 2020 are eligible to enroll in the course. One of the best things about the course is that it does not require any prior coding knowledge and anyone who has the zeal to learn can join the course. It is aimed at those who are beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. Undoubtedly it is the best course in the market for machine learning.

Highlights of the course

  1. The essential Machine learning topics like Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and various other topics will be covered from scratch. 
  2. The students will be able to gain hands-on experience by working on real-world projects and stand out among everyone.
  3. Time to time mentorship from mentors and live session interaction. Ongoing guidance after course completion.
  4. Placement assistance after completion of the course. There are several Scaler alumni working in big tech who provide referrals along with 180 employer partners at Scaler. 
  5. The course covers all the aspects from programming basics to machine learning basics.
  6. Expert assistance for resume review and LinkedIn profile optimization.  
  7. The course 
  8. Based on a simple 30 minutes MCQ test, you enter the Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced curriculum.

Skills– Knowledge about at least one programming language is required. 

Course duration – 11-15 months based on the curriculum allotted to you. It will be decided on your performance in the assessment.

Course fees – The course fee is 2.99 lakh INR inclusive of GST. If you decide to withdraw within 2 weeks, a full refund will be initiated. Also, an EMI facility is also available. 

Course Linkhttps://www.scaler.com/courses/machine-learning-course-training/ 

2. Introduction to Machine Learning Course by Udacity

The Machine Learning Course by Udacity is a course curated for beginners. It consists of recorded lectures for intermediate students. The instructors are senior data scientists having years of industry knowledge. This Introduction to Machine Learning course is the first chapter of the Nanodegree program by Udacity to become a Data Analyst.

Highlights of the course

  1. The course consists of recorded lectures that the students can watch at their own pace.
  2. Rich learning content covering a variety of topics like Naive Bayes, Support Machine Vectors, Decision trees, regressions, etc.
  3. The course consists of various topics. It is better to go along with her.
  4. The course has a duration of 10 weeks. Everyone asks more questions. 

Skills– Knowledge of Python is required.

Course linkhttps://www.udacity.com/course/intro-to-machine-learning–ud120 

Course duration– The duration of this course is approximately 10 weeks.

Course fees– The course is free of cost.

3. Machine Learning by Stanford University

This Machine Learning course is provided by Stanford University with Andrew Ng as the instructor who has an immense experience in this domain. This course not just teaches theoretical knowledge, but also aims to apply this theoretical knowledge to practical use. Once you complete this course, you will earn a shareable certificate which can be shared with your network on LinkedIn. 

Highlights of the course

  1. To understand and design the basics of Machine Learning to the advanced topics.
  2. To comprehend deep learning algorithms and neural networks.
  3. Course materials will be accessible for 90 days after the course ends.
  4. A certificate will also be obtained.

Skills– The students need to be proficient in Python. Along with basic programming skills, the candidate should have a clear understanding of calculus, linear algebra, and probability.

Course linkhttps://online.stanford.edu/courses/xcs229-machine-learning 

Course duration– The duration of this course is approximately 11 weeks with 10-15 hours per week. 

Course fees– The course fee is $1595.

4. Machine Learning by HarvardX

The Data Science: Machine Learning course by Harvard is also one of the recommended courses. In the 8-week-long course, you will be able to learn the basics of machine learning, popular machine learning algorithms, the need for regularization, and how to build a recommendation system.

Highlights of the course– 

  1. In this course, you will build a movie recommendation system by learning various concepts of machine learning. 
  2. It is a self-paced course that can be completed by you according to your convenience.
  3. This is a good course for beginners.

Skills– It is recommended to have basic knowledge of programming.

Course linkhttps://pll.harvard.edu/course/data-science-machine-learning?delta=0 

Course duration– It is an 8-week long course.

Course fees– It is free but if you wish to get certified by Harvard University, you will have to pay $99.

5. Machine Learning with Python by IBM

The Machine Learning with Python course by IBM aims to breed familiarity with machine learning basics using Python. Many more topics will be covered in this course. Also, it is a self-paced course that enables you to learn at your own pace. Once you complete this course, you will earn a shareable certificate which can be shared with your network on LinkedIn. 

Highlights of the course

  1. The course starts with the basics of machine learning. It aims to foster knowledge related to various machine-learning algorithms.
  2. It is a self-paced course.
  3. You will learn about machine learning libraries like SciPy and scikit-learn.

Skills– Pre-requisite of programming and math is recommended.

Course duration– Approximately 5 weeks.

6. Machine Learning Education | TensorFlow

This course is offered by Google for beginners, in which you will learn the concepts from beginner level to advanced level. Those who are skilled or are beginners can enroll in this course. 

Highlights of the course– 

  1. The course introduces you to the basics of machine learning and its application to solve real-world problems as well.
  2. There are different courses for different levels which you can choose according to your expertise.
  3. Hands-on experience through various exercises curated by the makers.

Skills– It is recommended to have basic knowledge of coding and math.

Course linkhttps://www.tensorflow.org/resources/learn-ml 

Course duration– Approximately 15 hours.

7. Post-graduation program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Bits Pilani

A program for working professionals, that covers all concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The mode of the lectures will be online live lectures along with discussion forums. The program consists of 6 courses and a Capstone project which will prepare you to excel in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning domain. It covers everything from the basics to advanced topics. Just like an actual post-graduation program, various exams are conducted in your preferred mode- online or in the exam centers. When you complete the program, you will earn a certificate from Bits Pilani.

Highlights of the course– 

  1. Employed professionals are eligible to enroll themselves in this course.
  2. The major concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be covered in detail.
  3. Along with the course modules, you will make a capstone project to solve real-world problems.
  4. Throughout the program, you will receive the mentorship of Bits Pilani instructors and senior industrialists,
  5. After each course is completed, you will have to appear for an examination either in online mode or at the exam center. 
  6. The students will need to participate in online quizzes, assignments, and mini-projects and submit them as per the schedule.

Skills– Along with a bachelor’s degree, you need to have prior knowledge of Python.

Course linkhttps://bits-pilani-wilp.ac.in/certification-programmes/pgp-ai-ml.php 

Course duration– 11 months

Course fees– The course fee is 2,45,000 which can be paid in installments.


With the increasing demand for automation, machine learning is getting more popular day by day. It is also an amazing career choice. As a machine learning engineer, your ideal day will include data processing, implementation of algorithms, etc. The above list will help you to land your dream job and take up the career of your choice. The top machine learning courses in 2024 mentioned cover machine learning concepts along with various perks offered to the students. Hope you found this article insightful, and we wish you luck in your future endeavors! 

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