Best AI Content Marketing Tools You Need in 2023

Material promotion may seem to be enjoyed until the amount of your content begins to increase and you are unable to keep up with it. You are in luck since the internet is replete with automated tools and services that may assist you in boosting your AI content creation, increasing the exposure of your business, and beating out your competition in the rankings. Many of these sites representing a wide variety of content-related operations have been compiled by us. Without further ado, let’s check out what are the best tools regarding material advertisement you must utilize in 2023.


Speaking of artificial intelligence in content marketing, Chorus is a tool that you should keep an eye on in the upcoming year. ZoomInfo is the company that developed this tool, which examines client calls, gatherings, and emails to generate awareness, drive procedure and behavioral issues, and generate a favorable effect on employee improvement for any member of the customer service group, from indicating that corporate to promoting representatives to SDR figureheads.

It began its operations in 2015, and its dialogue insights system enables teams to mimic the success of top-performing representatives by monitoring their selling conversations. The technology also discovers such reps. Chorus’s artificial intelligence is aiming to enhance processes, team effectiveness, and consumer engagement by providing mentoring calls, measuring quality, and suggesting changes.

Surfer SEO

The second content marketing AI on our list will be related to a well-known Surfer SEO. The objective of any material strategy should be to increase the site’s visibility in search engine results, and Surfer SEO is an instrument that can assist you to get there. It analyzes and grades your writing as you go, taking into account factors like keyword richness, clarity, length, heading usage, and more. Consequently, that’s the reason why some of the paper writers from essay services regularly use it.

If you want to employ Surfer SEO, you must first select an URL, a specialty, and a community. The algorithm will then provide you with meaningful intelligence, such as a list of suggested keywords, a framework for your material, and a threshold for how many images should be included. Copy and paste for rapid inspection, or work directly in Surfer SEO’s built-in word processor. The SEO of your content will be updated in real-time as you make changes. Many popular content marketing platforms may be integrated with this one. This tool guarantees your Google sustainable growth KPIs are reached, and its clientele includes FedEx, Shopify, and more.


When it comes to artificial intelligence for content marketing, it’s fair to say that is closely connected to the writing niche. And that’s why we will present another tool related to it, which will be Writesonic. Customers are able to read all of their messages substantially quicker and save time with the assistance of Writesonic, which is an artificial intelligence email helper. In addition, the software is able to assist clients in the creation of advertisements, blogs, landing sites, and marketing materials. The application features an attractive interface, comes pre-packaged with theme choices, and makes use of artificial intelligence software to produce flawless advertising text. Some of the features this tool has at its disposal are:

  • Individuals are able to devote less time to doing chores that are repetitious and more time to engage in creative activities.
  • The application can be comprehended with little effort.
  • Reformatting may be generated for a wide number of use cases via this program.


The upcoming period will certainly bring some new AI content marketing tools, and one of them is Optimove. It is an artificial intelligence-based advertising platform that stores client data. It helps aggregate data from several platforms so that a unified picture of the entire data may be provided on a single display. The knowledge may be analyzed or shared by companies, and it also makes it easier for them to decide on promotional methods.

Their artificial intelligence technology, Optibot, searches through and evaluates all of the customer information that is supplied in order to create meaningful insights. It is able to recommend which initiatives should be discontinued depending on loss and identify which consumers may be receiving too much information from the firm.


If we are talking about promotional tools that can’t wait to be used in 2023, the famous Jasper simply mustn’t be forgotten. There are at least ten writing websites that have made their evaluation of it, and all of them are positive. Perhaps that’s why this tool has established itself among the most reliable ones. A powerful artificial intelligence and plain language interpretation system power the writing helper known as Jasper AI. The platform gives marketing companies the ability to generate new and original content in upwards of fifty different forms.

With Jasper’s potent usability, advertising agencies are able to produce constructive pieces of the subject matter at the magnitude, as well as collate suggestions, create contours, and find catchphrases. In addition, clients can produce substantive pieces of subject matter for a range of purposes, such as generating case studies, innovative advertising campaigns, and blog entries. Some of its best characteristics are:

  • Quality material in over 25 different languages with ease.
  • In the Boss Mode, you will be able to generate unique, long-form work that is free of plagiarism 5 times more quickly.
  • Because it comes with helpful training courses, there is just a relatively short period of time required to become proficient with the instrument.
Video introduction in JasperAI

Albert AI

You may rely on Albert AI, an identity online marketing assistant, to help you overcome the most pressing problems associated with a digital advertisement by means of careful refining and targeted messaging. The tool enhances the accuracy, intelligence, and profitability of your business plan via the analysis of big data to automatically conduct programs and the use of its self-learning technology. More than that, it does large-scale demographic and operational data analysis, channel-wide budgeting, and campaign evolution.

Albert AI aids marketers in establishing a solid brand and fan interaction by means of analytics and a training plan, strategy development and creativity, and 360-degree project advising. To begin with, the gadget is able to evaluate the inexplicable by using its savvy arsenal of over 200 features. The next step is to actively seek out new clients, execute test initiatives with them, and then scale up the most successful elements for use along a broader population and more avenues of distribution.


The majority of today’s advertisers use cutting-edge digital marketing technologies to create strategies that increase income, sales, and brand recognition. Certainly, automated marketing content solutions can’t match the originality and imagination of human marketers.

However, they may make things go more smoothly overall and speed up the procedure.

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