Best AI Jobs Courses (2024)

Many like to think of Artificial Intelligence as the next industrial revolution offering opportunities to improve sectors like healthcare, economy, education, and security. With AI, many individuals see themselves in the light of having the chance to create an impact in the world through technology. At the moment, workers in the AI field earn in the range of $120,000 – $150,000. This speaks of the numerous AI job opportunities that lie in the future.

By 2025, the World Economic Forum predicts that 85 million occupations would be replaced by artificial intelligence. The notion that AI will modify the labor market is not arguable. Consequently, many individuals are motivated to kickstart a career in AI. When it comes to landing a Job in AI, you will consider the skill and certificate requirements, Job type, and industry. For this purpose, this article will dive into the best AI jobs courses you need to start your journey.

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Top 6 AI Jobs Courses in 2024

The ultimate AI jobs courses you need include the following courses from Coursera.

  1. Finding And Preparing For The Right Job In Data Science/Artificial Intelligence
  2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Interviewing for Data Science/Artificial Intelligence Roles Specialization
  4. IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate
  5. Introduction to AI in the Data Center
  6. Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Detection

Finding And Preparing For The Right Job In Data Science/Artificial Intelligence

This course will give you insight into the job market. You will learn to discern the hidden expectations of hiring managers, the skills they demand, how to create a worthy portfolio, and how to effectively market yourself. This course is offered by the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The instructor is Camille Funk.

Four modules are contained in this course and you’ll learn job search strategies. Also, how to know the different skills and expectations for the same job title. The course also covers the following:

  • Skills to brush up on before applying for a job.
  • Tricks and tips for your resume, cover letters, and portfolio.
  • Market yourself and connect with Job recruiters.

Shareable Certificates of completion and financial aid are available for this course.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This course will elucidate the basics of AI. Its concepts and use cases. Anyone can enroll in this course even without having a technical background. It’s offered by IBM (International Business Machine). The course instructor is Rav Ahuja. Armed with the knowledge here, you can apply for other IBM applied courses and professional certificates. It is expected you will learn the following:

  • The knowledge of AI and its application.
  • Basic concept and terminologies of AI
  • Concerns and ethical regulations of AI
  • Computer Vision.

In this course, you will have basic knowledge of deep learning as applied in AI. The course learning is self-paced hence, you set your deadline. They are graded quizzes to reinforce your learning. You can apply for financial aid to grace your learning.

Interviewing for Data Science/Artificial Intelligence Roles Specialization

This course aims to help those applying for DS/AI roles to master job selection and application strategies and sharpen their negotiation skills. It’s a flexible and self-paced specialization course offered by the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and the instructor is Camille Funk.

The specialization has 3 modules with hands-on projects to help you build a career development plan. Understand which role and industry best fit your skills, interests, and background.

  • How to search the hidden job market and find the right job.
  • Technical interview preparations. Job offers and negotiation.
  • You can audit the course for free or apply for financial aid to grace your learning.

You must complete the hands-on project and lessons/courses to earn a certificate which you can share on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate

This course will take you a bit deeper into the mainstream application of machine language. Gain practical skills in Time Series Analysis and Survival Analysis. It’s an intermediate-level course on machine learning hence adequate computer skill is just fine. The course is provided by International Business Machine, IBM, hence you can receive professional-level training by IBM.

This professional certificate contains aspect :

  • Data Analysis.
  • Machine Learning: Regression, Capstone, and Classification.
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

This course is guided by 7 Instructors, including Joseph Santarcangelo, Svitlana (Lana) Kramar, and Mark J Grover. Any individual that can not afford the program fee can apply for financial aid or audit the content for free.

Introduction to AI in the Data Center

Artificial Intelligence has a great impact on the way technology is deployed today. However, this is an introductory course to AI deployment in Datacenter. This course aims to furnish students with how AI and GPU computing in Data Centers work. This also includes both the hardware and software needed.

This course is provided by NVIDIA. On completion, you will earn the NVIDIA Certified Associate (i.e. “AI in the Data Center” certification). In addition, the course is instructed by NVIDIA training support. It’s expected that individuals in the following fields should take this course: IT and Data Center Professionals, System and Network Administration, and DevOps.

This course consists of four aspects:

  • GPU computing
  • AI clusters.
  • Data Centre Considerations.
  • AI in Data Center and quizzes.

Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Detection

This course is provided by John Hopkins University to teach students the deployment of AI approaches to breast cancer detection. You will be guided by experts and participate in quizzes to augment your understanding of the concepts taught in this course.

The students of this course are those interested in mammography and can function adequately not only in entry jobs but also in projects due to their thoroughness in the AI paradigm.

The instructors for this program are Chung-Fu Chang and Emiley Ambinder.

The syllabus contains 4 modules where you will learn:

  • Breast cancer epidemiology and breast imaging techniques.
  • AI approaches and assessment procedures of AI classification.
  • Mammographic Abnormalities and AI Detection.
  • Two applicable AI techniques in breast cancer detection.

Although the learning is self-paced, it will take 14 hours to complete this course.


When it comes to AI the job outlook is promising. LinkedIn and Indeed noted that machine learning and data science are the areas offering the most opportunities. While considering the advancement of AI, ethical standards also keep AI deployment in check. It’s expected that in the future, humans will undergo a transition to take up the more serious task while AI supplants them in the former tasks.

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