Data Practices in Healthcare with Steve Labkoff

An engaging conversation with Dr. Steven Labkoff about the proliferation of data being collected at healthcare institutions all across North America and how organizations are using this data to leverage their practices through the application of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Labkoff is the Chief Data Officer at the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and is instrumental in leading his organization’s data and AI practices and is a part of a new class of physicians who are using their clinical skills to help optimize healthcare management. Dr. Labkoff highlights the importance of having not only vast amount of data but clean data and how organizations often overlook the infrastructure required to ensure that data is routinely processed and made useful. Finally we circle back to the rapid use of EHR’s across the healthcare landscape and how there needs to be better tools to optimize clinician’s time when using EHR’s so that we are maximizing their skillset.

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