Pros and Cons of Using AI in College


It’s hard to deny that the use of artificial intelligence tools in a college environment is becoming more popular these days as students tend to use them to speed up the learning process or to check the quality of written assignments.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of AI-based tools goes beyond the use of ChatGPT or getting a grammar fix by turning to solutions like the famous Grammarly. Things usually sound good as long as students actually take time to edit and proofread things after they have been processed by the tools they have implemented. As a rule, there are both pros and cons to everything, modern technologies included! 

Pros and Cons of Using AI in College

As with any newly developed technology, AI has both advantages and disadvantages when implemented into the college environment: 


– Improving Grammar and Readability.

The use of grammar checkers and various readability correction tools helps students to improve their grammar and spelling as this part of artificial intelligence mostly does the job. Of course, it may provide some false alerts, so one should consider checking the results anyway.

One may consider Top Essay Writing as one of the options to edit and proofread things upon completion. If you are an exchange student or a foreigner, it’s a good option to look into. 

– Addressing Plagiarism Issues.

Not many people know about this fact, but using tools like Turnitin and similar solutions also means using artificial intelligence algorithms as of late. They are not simply scanning the web but checking for the use of machine learning and various means of how students cheat.

If you are a college learner, you can use it as well to paraphrase things and get everything checked to avoid trouble.


– Most Tools Require Analytic Knowledge.

The challenging part of using artificial intelligence in college is related to the use of analysis and the necessity of understanding what you are planning to receive. If you are a foreign speaker, you may not really know if artificial intelligence has provided you with a logical sentence or if it does not make any sense.

It’s recommended to use Pickwriters as a great option if you seek language help for your college assignment. It’s a much safer and more reliable way to get things done as you are dealing with a human translation and processing method.

Now, when you are using AI tools alone to help you with grammar, it will analyze original written content, which will result in poor processing since it’s already wrong and contains mistakes. 

– Machine Learning Often Misses The Logic.

This part is often ignored by those learners who sincerely believe that AI can handle complex assignment challenges and follow the instructions provided by the college professor. It’s far not the case! AI only processes text but cannot make independent decisions or handle relevant analytical parts.

If you are a developer, you may look here at the current projects that are in the making to determine what is the future of AI technology for learning. Remember that the systems will always ask you for some input information, which is why you should take genuine care to see what you work with as you generate the results! 

Addressing The Thinking Part!

The most important thing that modern students have to realize is that no artificial intelligence tool can handle analysis or thinking because it can only generate results based on what you have already shared with the system. It means that you may get your thesis statement generated by the artificial intelligence tool, yet the system won’t be able to connect it to your topic sentences or methodology part.

You have to proofread and edit the results all the time, which can result in even more time and effort compared to what you could possibly need without turning to AI tools. The choice is always yours as long as you remember that AI is there to assist you, not replace you.

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