Interview with Jeff Kagan, Industry analyst, Columnist, Influencer

Jeff Kagan is a key Wireless Analyst, Industry Analyst, Columnist and Influencer for more than 30 years. He finds and tells the interesting and exciting stories of companies and technologies that are changing our world. He gives comments to the media on their stories and shares thoughts and opinion by following, talking about and writing about wireless, telecom, pay TV, AI, IoT, Cloud, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, connected homes, media and entertainment and other personal and commercial technology.

Jeff Kagan was recently involved as an official committee member in the AI Time Journal Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies 2019.

In addition to passion, What was that which drove Mr.Jeff to enhance himself in wireless technology? How do you keep yourself charged to excel in this technology era?

As a Wireless Analyst, Telecom Analyst and Technology Industry Analyst for more than 30 years I have been following and commenting on the changing industry, changing companies, products and services that are reinventing everything. 

Over the last 30 years I have shared my thoughts with the majority of competitors in the industry.

Wireless, telecom, Internet, pay TV, AI, IoT and more are continuing to transform everything we know.

As time passes, leadership often changes in each of the sectors. I like to look at where we’ve been, where we are today and where we will be tomorrow. 

We are all living through one of the most exciting periods in history. Something we will be able to tell our grandkids about. 

That is a big opportunity for investors, customers, workers and more.

This time of rapid change and acceleration is full of both risk and opportunity. 

Some companies will continue growing while others will not. We’ve seen in before and will continue to see it going forward. 

Over time I have been invited to share my opinion in a variety of ways.

I am a columnist in a variety of news organizations sharing my thoughts an opinions on the changing industry. 

I also am regularly quoted by the media for the stories they publish. 

I am active in social media as an influencer, speak at industry meetings and so on.

I follow wireless, telecom, pay TV, AI, IoT, Cloud and assorted technologies.

The globe is been made to enjoy the 5G currently. Do you really think that we have attained the actual speed/features that 5G should possess?

Wireless technology will be the center of the universe going forward. Not only is the transition to 5G going to impact wireless networks and handset makers as always, but it will also impact a growing number of other companies, products and services in other industries. Consider self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles, healthcare, wireless pay TV, retail and so much more. Each of these is being changed and expanded by 5G wireless.

We are in the very early days of another decade long expansion and transformation of the wireless industry. That should excite everyone whether that be wireless networks, handset and tablet makers, network builders, investors, customers and workers.

As we move forward, the way we do things will continue to change and expand on an accelerated basis. 

This wave of innovation and continuous change has been with use for decades and is only going to intensify over the next several years. 

In your early stages of carrer, wireless would have been a very much latest technology. How did you land into this technology?

I didn’t choose wireless. WIreless chose me. 

I started in telecom then as that expanded to include wireless, Internet, pay TV and is moving toward AI, IoT, the cloud and so much more.

Over time I became one of the best known industry analysts and commentators. 

I see my job as making the chaotic and confusing, understandable.

That has only grown as the wireless industry has grown and changed over time.

Wireless has always been a very active industry, but now with 5G it is super charged.

It is very difficult for companies to rise above all the noise in the industry and get their messages heard. 

I like to tell the world about new products, services and technologies.

WIreless has been growing and changing for decades from 2G to 3G to 4G and now to 5G. It will continue to change as we move forward to 6G and beyond.

It is important to remember that wireless is only really wireless from the handset to the nearest cell tower. After that the call goes over regular land-line networks. So wireless and telecom are all wrapped up together. 

So, I follow all these sectors in the growing wireless industry. 

Share with us exactly how wireless concept has been discovered and its evolution.

It does not really matter which country is first to 5G. Every country around the globe is heading in the same direction.

In fact, it doesn’t matter in the long-run which company is first in each country either. Companies who don’t rush to 5G will lose. 

With that said, the leaders always stand out from the crowd. They set the pace of the changing industry. 

How much do you love speaking and writing? Which writer is the inspiration to you and share a couple of your best moments in it.

I love what I do. I have been writing columns, speaking at industry meetings and sharing my thoughts as an influencer on social media for more years than I can remember. 

Going forward, AI and IoT will play a large and important role in the wireless and telecom industry. Not only will it create all sorts of new services users will love, it will also let networks and handset makers monitor and control things better than before giving users an incredible and innovative experience. 

And Congratulations on being in the top 25 AI initiative committee members from AI Time Journal. With the advent of the technologies, AI being a notch currently, how do you position the importance of AI especially in the Telecom industry?

Most users and in fact most executives in most companies don’t yet fully understand how AI and IoT will improve their business and change everything.

AI and IoT will change and improve the wireless and telecom industry for users, investors, workers and the companies. 

However, there is a dark side we need to be aware of and guard against.

Every new technology has both a good and bad side. We can enjoy all the amazing things AI and IoT will bring to us, but we need to stay alert and protect ourselves like with our personal privacy.

Some don’t mind the invasion of personal privacy, but many others do.

Once the genie is out of the bottle it will be very difficult to undo the damage.

Today, the genie is escaping as we are becoming more aware.

Now is the time to make sure we do this right. AI and IoT technology will improve everything, as long as it does not spin out of control.

As I said in the beginning, wireless, telecom, Internet, pay TV, AI, IoT and more are continuing to transform everything we know. Our world is already very different from the one we lived in one short decade ago. And it will continue to change going forward.

One interesting question I love to follow is this. What will our world look like tomorrow? What new technologies will we enjoy? What areas of concern do we need to stay on top of?

I think if we continue to imagine greatness and protect ourselves from the dark side, tomorrow will be better than ever.

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