Oracle Cloud CTI Integration: Make Calls Inside Oracle CRM

Are you looking to streamline customer service and enhance customer satisfaction in the Oracle cloud environment? Oracle Service Cloud CTI Integration can help improve the customer experience by reducing response time and enabling an integrated contact center solution inside oracle applications. With CTI integration, you can place calls to customers without leaving your CRM window and provide quick access to information at all times.

Understanding Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration (CTI) enables businesses to merge their telecommunications, software, and hardware systems. CTI specifically provides for integrating third-party media toolbars with Fusion Sales and Fusion Service to provide users with convenient access to the toolbars.

In order to display a media toolbar, businesses must enable the Partner CTI service while also providing signed-in users with the Access Partner Media Toolbar privilege. CTI allows for easier access and management of vital data, helping organizations become more efficient and successful.

How CTI for Oracle CRM works

CTI with Oracle CRM provides real-time, synchronized access to call information. A customer service team can easily view a caller’s profile while talking with them, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information when making decisions and providing quality service.

With the CRM system, agents can utilize CTI to control telephony functions on their computers and manage calls quickly and efficiently. With the ability to mute, transfer, or conference calls without involving other parties or worrying about technical implementation issues, communication between agents can be optimized.

Features of CTI Integration with Oracle

Automatic caller identification

Automatic caller identification is a key feature of integrating computer telephony with Oracle. This technology allows a business’s computer systems to detect and identify who is calling before the call is even answered, drastically improving customer engagement. It helps keep customers satisfied by offering a personalized experience each time they contact the business while providing businesses the data they need to manage their customer base more effectively.

Optional caller verification

Optional caller verification is an innovative feature, now accessible when integrating communications-enabled applications (CEA) with Oracle. This security feature provides a safety net to block potentially malicious incoming calls while avoiding inadvertently blocking legitimate ones.

Optional caller verification validates the incoming caller’s credentials before granting access and preemptively filters out any suspicious attempts of intrusion in a timely and efficient manner. It ensures an additional layer of security, which becomes particularly important in organizations with sensitive data and valuable resources.

Automatic interaction recording

Automatic interaction recording remembers any conversations or interactions your customers have with your business in a call center environment and will store them in the database for future reference. Intuitive interaction recording not only helps to ensure that customer information is correct and up-to-date and allows supervisors to monitor their agents’ work quickly and conveniently.

It can be used to analyze past problems, troubleshoot current ones, and aid in training, allowing businesses to offer exceptional customer service. 

Optional call wrap up

Optional call wrap-up makes customers, and support calls run much more smoothly. This feature can quickly enter notes based on the resolution of a call or customer inquiry. After hanging up the phone, agents can then take the time to reflect on their performance and determine any changes they can make for future interactions. 

Optional call wrap-up can provide even more information about the call and how it was resolved, giving agents a comprehensive overview for documentation purposes.

Ability to search for a contact

CTI integration with Oracle is an incredibly helpful tool for agents. Oftentimes, agents have to manually search through a customer database to locate customer information, which can be very time-consuming and difficult. 

With the ability to easily search for a contact, the integration helps make the process much easier and more efficient. Agents no longer have to worry about manually searching; they can use this integration instead and reap the benefits of it in their workflows.

Benefits of integrating Oracle CRM with CTI

Personalized telephone interaction

By personalizing telephone interactions with CRM connectors, businesses can quickly greet customers by name and provide faster service.

Increased telephone call efficiency

It allows businesses to increase overall efficiency in dealing with telephone calls and customer queries efficiently, using real-time information pulled from the customer’s profile.

Viable call resolution rates

It increases viable call resolution rates, which helps create and strengthen customer relationships and improve service levels.

Improved customer relationships and service levels

Unifying the customer input process creates a smoother, sleeker brand experience and makes it much easier for sales personnel to capture data. This promises to improve both customer relationships and service levels; customers will feel stronger connections while companies can receive more accurate, faster feedback on consumer satisfaction.

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