Sixty AI Launches Platform to Declutter Digital Lives & Bring Back Joy 

Company closes $3.5 million in seed funding, supporting its mission to reinvigorate human connection through AI-Powered personal relationship management 

PORTLAND, Oregon – June 27, 2023 – Between overflowing inboxes, daily meetings, and countless interruptions, digital communication overload is challenging personal and professional productivity for everyone. In its mission to bring focus, flow, and joy back into our busy lives, Sixty AI today launched the private beta of its AI-Powered Personal Relationship Management (PRM) platform. Recently backed by 468 Capital in a $3.5 million funding round, Sixty’s free software platform effortlessly manages mundane tasks that often get in the way of what matters most: whether across work, life, family, or more. 

Utilizing real-time social modeling to power a suite of AI capabilities, Sixty tackles facets of the daily grind that frequently bog people down, much like an effective human helper would do, and in a similar way – frictionless, in the background and learning by observing. By intuitively contextualizing a person’s entire network and digital ecosystem, Sixty filters out the distractions getting in the way of productivity, while simultaneously bringing forth information to power meaningful human connections.

To illustrate what this looks like in the real world, below is an example of how a user might experience a new day with Sixty:  

Instead of waking up to 100 promotional emails, they check their inbox first thing to find only 10 emails that matter– one of which is from their boss and flagged as important. There’s a summary shared for the day ahead, which helps identify a block of time to finish an important pitch presentation. Before their first meeting, they get a text with the link to an informative briefing on each attendee. Discussion notes are compiled into AI-generated follow-up email drafts, ready to be reviewed and easily shared with the click of a button right after the meeting. As they grab a quick coffee on the way on their last session of the day, Sixty reminds them not to linger because traffic is heavy. Before turning in for the evening, they can review a summary of the day’s work – including any follow-ups left unsent – with an agenda for the following day. They stop checking email hours after leaving the office, as Sixty would have alerted them on any email from a VIP, so they can relax and stop worrying about missing out on something important. Stress-free, they quickly fall asleep, satisfied by a day full of flow and accomplishments.  

“Software has eaten the world and we, as humans, are on the menu,” said Mat Ellis, founding CEO of Sixty AI. “Digital communications have taken over our lives as our social networks have exploded and reached a scale that can’t be managed by human hands. To try and keep up, we’ve simply worked harder but this does have a limit. Although we’ve reduced the time for each interaction, that’s also lowered the quality of our work, our relationships and ultimately, of our whole life. The result is burn-out, poor productivity and lack of satisfaction. At Sixty AI, we’re re-defining what ‘productive’ means in two ways. First, we’re doing everything we can to reduce your use of productivity apps with no real life-adverse effects. Our AI can do it so you don’t have to. And secondly, we’re supercharging your interactions with humans, helping you to get top marks in personal relationship management. We believe this is how to get flow and joy back into your life. It’s about time.”

Whether for an on-the-go parent, a working student, a company executive or any busy person, Sixty AI frees up the energy currently spent on fighting digital bloat, and gives time back to do the things only humans can do best: make decisions, actually create and make the space to ideate. Just like ChatGPT makes sense of words, Sixty AI builds large models to make sense of a person’s social network, and uses that to decide what to do with any given meeting, email, follow up or more.  

Sixty AI has already surpassed its initial sign-up goals from its alpha user program and has a thriving waitlist ready and eager for beta. 

“Relationships in any capacity are messy and complex at times, and it’s been impossible to deliver this kind of nuance until now, so we’re inspired by Sixty AI’s efforts to enable this reality,” said Florian Leibert, Managing Director of 468 Capital. “The company was not only founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs and tech experts – but those who also believe in and are evangelists of personal relationships as the next cultural movement of our time, so we’re excited to back them and advance their mission.” 

Learn more about Sixty AI and sign up here: 

About Sixty AI:

We’re on a mission to reimagine productivity and unburden busy consumers from their digital clutter. Our AI-powered Personal Relationship Management software optimizes for focus and flow, eliminating mundane and timesucking digital tasks to focus on what matters most. 


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