The Future of Artificial Intelligence and The Progress of the Human Race

Stephen Hawking over the rise and future of Artificial Intelligence once said, “It will either be the best thing that’s ever happened to us, or it will be the worst thing.”

Humans can see development in technology with each day passing and this revolution is bringing some major changes in our lives. Artificial Intelligence is visible proof of the above statement. It is one of the major inventions that the development of technology has introduced, which has all been possible due to the spread of the internet and information along with it. Thus, the internet is a must resource these days, at home, office, and even in the public.

Internet and technology go hand in hand to form efficient output. These days there are many internet providers but not all can be trusted, we recommend Grande, as with Grande internet plans you get one of the best services, reliable, and great variety to find the best possible plan, one that fits you. Besides the internet, using AI to the max requires smart devices too. And these days, the use of many smart devices is a norm. 

Overall, the transformative power that is possessed by Artificial Intelligence is no secret to the world. AI will have a huge impact on how we think, act, and interact with others as well as how we perceive ourselves.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Commonly referred to as AI, Artificial Intelligence is the replication of human intelligence functions by machines, particularly computer systems. AI enables machines to learn and possess the capabilities of that a human. With the help of AI, the machines extract the data and adapt to new inputs leading them to carry out activities similar to those performed by humans. 

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence allows machines to function as humans do. AI is so commonly used around us nowadays that we sometimes do not even realize it. Some common examples of AI in our daily lives are:

  1. Smart Assistants like Siri.
  2. Self-driving cars like Tesla.
  3. Chatbots used by Businesses. 
  4. Image Recognition by Smartphones.

The foundation of artificial intelligence is the idea that the computer can duplicate human intelligence without any hassle. No matter if the tasks are easy or hard, computers can carry them out very conveniently.  

How will Artificial Intelligence Change the Future

In almost every sector, artificial intelligence is influencing how people will live in the future and changing it. In the near future, artificial intelligence is expected to serve as the primary force behind developing technologies like big data, robotics, and the Internet of Things. It is also expected to have a huge impact on several industries. Such as:

  1. Education:
    Students will be able to take help from the tutors available virtually. The facial analysis will detect any bored or struggling student and notify the human instructor.
  2. Healthcare:
    AI will help in diagnosing diseases quickly, which gives doctors more time to cure the patient. AI also increases efficiency when drugs are discovered. The Big data analysis keeps the records of the patients safe and stores them. 
  3. Transportation:
    Self-driving cars are not so common at the moment but in near future, there will be more autonomous cars on the road than normal cars. 
  4. Customer Service:
    In near future, in order to schedule appointments at, for example, your local hair salon, Google is developing an AI assistant that can make calls that sound human.

How is the Artificial Intelligence Helping Humans Progress?

AI is affecting human progress on a larger scale. It has been proven to be making a positive impact and helps society to become better. Following are listed some ways artificial intelligence is helping society:

  1. Creating new medications:
    The discovery and development of novel pharmaceuticals are only one of the revolutionary applications of artificial intelligence that have enhanced the efficiency of the healthcare sector. By utilizing a significant amount of data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have been utilized to find promising compounds.
  2. Helping Disabled People:
    AI is largely working to help people with disabilities live a convenient life. For example, the voice assistant has made it so much easier for visually disabled people to get their tasks done. Similarly, it has worked for other disabled people too so they do not feel left out in this fast-moving world.
  3. Maximizing the Production of Renewable Energy:
    The renewable energy industry has undergone a tremendous transformation thanks to artificial intelligence. AI systems can forecast, optimize, and manage energy consumption across several industries by combining weather data and sensor data. 
  4. The fight against human trafficking:
    A severe crime against humanity and a danger to every person in all parts of the world is human trafficking. AI is playing its role in combatting human trafficking by collecting photographs from various traffickers’ websites and classifying the objects in the images when the traffickers post to entice potential victims. It further sends the notification to the police and other responsible agencies. 

Is AI a Threat?

Everything has its pros and cons. AI comes with a lot of benefits but it also has some disadvantages as well. The progressive development of AI has negatively affected society as well. For example:

  1. It has left a lot of people unemployed. Since machines are replacing human workers
  2. Classes will be created in society due to unequal wealth.
  3. AI may be created by human creators with racial bigotry or selfish motivations in order to harm particular individuals or objects
  4. AI makes humankind lazy since they become more dependent on technology. 

Final Words

The progressive development of artificial intelligence is proven to work in the favor of society more than harm. However, the negative aspects should not be left un-considered. The future is all about technology and AI. It is up to humans to choose whether it will be pleasant or a threat. 

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