Top AI Podcasts in 2023

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly embedded in our daily lives through technologies. It’s essential to stay informed about the developments in this transformative field. Navigating the rapidly changing world of AI can be challenging. But certain podcasts have distinguished themselves by consistently delivering timely and up-to-date discussions on the latest in AI. We’ve curated a list of the top AI podcasts for 2023 to help you stay abreast of the ever-evolving AI landscape.

AI podcasts are a rich source of information that provides in-depth discussions. On everything from technical aspects of AI and machine learning to the broader societal implications. Offering deep insights and engaging talks about AI’s latest trends and impacts. In response to this need for accessible and comprehensive information.

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Top 6 AI Podcasts in 2023

The AI Podcast

The AI Podcast offers an intriguing look into the world of artificial intelligence. And its profound impact on different sectors of our society. Hosted by Noah Kravitz, a long-time tech journalist based in the Bay Area. The podcast features one-on-one interviews with fascinating individuals from various fields. From wildlife biologists tracking endangered species using AI to astrophysicists analyzing distant galaxies’ starlight. To data scientists managing the complex supply chain at Walmart. The AI Podcast sheds light on the diverse applications of AI in our world.


  • Engaging in one-on-one interviews with experts from various fields
  • Deep dives into different applications of AI, from space exploration to retail logistics
  • Subscriptions are available through multiple platforms including iTunes, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, etc.
  • Regular updates with the latest episodes
  • Detailed show notes providing summaries of each episode
  • (Harnessing Regenerative Species) — and AI — “for Medical Breakthroughs”
  • Peter Ma” on (Using AI to Find Promising Signals for Alien Life)

Eye on A.I Podcast

Eye on A.I. is a biweekly podcast that provides comprehensive insight into the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI). Hosted by the veteran New York Times correspondent, Craig S. Smith. The podcast involves in-depth discussions with individuals who are making significant strides in the AI landscape. Eye on A.I. is a platform where incremental advances in AI are put into broader contexts. Helping listeners understand the global implications of the technological developments shaping our future. The podcast dives deep into a variety of AI topics, from regulatory frameworks and ethical considerations. To the latest advances and their potential impacts on society.


  • Biweekly Episodes: The podcast airs new episodes every two weeks, allowing for regular updates on the ever-evolving world of AI.
  • Expert Interviews: Each episode features a conversation with an industry expert, academic, or influencer who’s making significant contributions to the field of AI.
  • Diverse Topics: The podcast covers a wide array of topics in AI, from deep learning and robotics to ethics and global policy.
  • Contextual Discussions: Eye on A.I. puts advancements in AI into a broader context, providing listeners with a deep understanding of the global implications of these technological developments.
  • Accessible Content: While the podcast dives into complex topics, the discussion remains accessible to listeners with varying levels of AI knowledge.
  • Episode #129: “Alexandra Geese**:** Demystifying AI Regulations in Europe & Beyond”. Alexandra Geese, a member of the European Parliament, and host Craig Smith discuss the complex nature of the European Union’s AI Act. Its implications, and the current negotiation phase with the European Council and the European Commission.
  • Episode #128: “Yoshua Bengio: Dissecting The Extinction Threat of AI”. Yoshua Bengio, an AI expert, talks about the potential existential threats posed by the rise of superhuman AI.
  • Episode #127: “Clemens Mewald: Redefining the Boundaries of Artificial Intelligence & GPT-4”. The episode features Clemens Mewald discussing how his company, Instabase, is revolutionizing automation and content capture using AI-driven methods.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman is a Research Scientist at MIT and the host of the Lex Fridman Podcast. In his podcast, he engages in profound conversations that touch upon the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Fridman’s show is widely appreciated for its deep dive into these concepts, engaging with guests from a variety of backgrounds, including academics, technologists, philosophers, authors, and more.

Features of the Lex Fridman Podcast:

  • In-depth and thoughtful conversations encompass a wide array of topics such as intelligence, consciousness, love, and power.
  • Features a diverse line-up of guests, including leading figures in technology, science, philosophy, and other sectors.
  • Available on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.
  • High viewer engagement through social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Reddit.
  • Transcripts are often provided for episodes, allowing viewers to read along or refer back to the discussions.
  • Offers an avenue for support through Patreon, PayPal, and sponsorship.
  • Andrew Bustamante: A former CIA spy, providing insight into his experiences.
  • Joe Rogan: A popular comedian and podcast host, discusses comedy, controversy, aliens, and freedom.
  • Elon Musk: The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, talking about autopilot, robotics, and AI.
  • Sam Altman: The CEO of OpenAI, talking about GPT-4, ChatGPT, and the future of AI.
  • Michael Saylor: The CEO of MicroStrategy, discussing Bitcoin, inflation, and the future of money.

Brain-Inspired A.I

Brain-Inspired AI is an episode series on the Data Skeptic podcast. That delves into the intersection of artificial intelligence and the human brain. The show hosts renowned researchers and scholars who share insights from their work in this exciting cross-disciplinary field. In these episodes, they explore connections between the brain and neural networks, consider the prospects of artificial general intelligence (AGI), discuss AI safety, and more.

Features of Brain-Inspired A.I:

  • Deep-dive conversations that explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and the human brain.
  • Features leading researchers and scholars in the field of AI, computer science, and neuroscience.
  • Discusses advanced topics such as artificial general intelligence (AGI) and AI safety.
  • Provides an accessible platform to understand how popular machine learning algorithms are inspired by the brain.
  • Offers insights into how AI models can learn from the human brain and possibly improve energy efficiency.
  • Available on various platforms, including, Google Podcasts,, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, Tunin, Amazon Music, and Stitcher.
  • “When Brain-inspired AI Meets AGI”: Lin Zhao, a Senior Research Scientist at United Imaging Intelligence. And Lu Zhang, a Ph.D. They discuss the similarities and differences between the human brain and neural networks, and the prospects of AGI.
  • “Computable AGI”: Michael Timothy Bennett, a Ph.D. student at the Australian National University. Discusses his study on the mathematical formalism of AGIs, providing insights into the computability of AGIs.
  • (AGI Can Be Safe): Koen Holtman, delves into AI safety, the obedience problem with AI models, and methods to build machine learning models.
  • “AI Fails on Theory of Mind Tasks”: An episode discussing the limitations of AI when it comes to understanding and modeling human social interaction.

A.I in Business

AI in Business is a podcast that delivers factual, trend-oriented insights on artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the business landscape. The podcast, hosted by Emerj Founder Daniel Faggella, features interviews with top AI and machine learning executives, investors, and researchers from globally recognized organizations. These conversations aim to provide business and government leaders with critical information on the trends, applications, and strategic considerations of AI in business planning. While also highlighting the AI applications that are driving real business value.

Features of AI in Business:

  • In-depth interviews with industry leaders, top executives, and researchers in the AI and machine learning space.
  • A focus on critical AI trends and applications, including their impact on business planning and execution.
  • Explores real-world applications of AI that are generating significant business value.
  • Provides insights into future AI trends and disruptions, and strategies that top executives are employing to take advantage of them.
  • Available on multiple podcast platforms, including iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.
  • “AI-Enhanced Clinical Trials’ Impact on Patient Experiences – with IQVIA’s Melissa Easy & Tim Riley”: A conversation about how AI can improve the clinical trial process and enhance patient experiences.
  • “The Future of Legal Document Management – with Danny Tobey and Bennett Borden of DLA Piper”: This episode discusses how AI can revolutionize legal document management.
  • “LLM-driven Writing and Reading Co-Pilots in Financial Services – with Michael Elias of AI21 Labs”: Michael Elias discusses large language models (LLMs) and their application in the financial sector.

Future of Life Institute Podcast

The Future of Life Institute Podcast features enlightening conversations with far-sighted thinkers from various fields. The podcast series is run by the Future of Life Institute (FLI) and hosts discussions with notable researchers, policy experts, philosophers, and many other influential individuals. The podcast primarily focuses on exploring pressing issues related to the future of humanity. With topics often revolving around artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nuclear weapons, and climate change.

Features of Future of Life Institute Podcast:

  • Insightful discussions with prominent thinkers across diverse fields.
  • The podcast delves into pressing issues, offering listeners the chance to grasp complex topics related to the future of life.
  • The podcast includes special ‘sequences,’ which are a series of episodes focused on tackling specific, urgent issues in detail.
  • Available on all major podcast platforms and has over 140+ episodes.
  • “On Consciousness, Morality, Effective Altruism & Myth with Yuval Noah Harari & Max Tegmark”: A stimulating conversation on the intersection of consciousness, morality, effective altruism, and mythology.
  • “Sam Harris on Global Priorities, Existential Risk, and What Matters Most”: In this episode, Sam Harris discusses the most significant global priorities, existential risks, and what truly matters in life.
  • “Daniela and Dario Amodei on Anthropic”: Daniela and Dario Amodei talk about Anthropic, a research institute aiming to ensure artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.
  • Joe Carlsmith on How We Change Our Minds About AI Risk”: This episode explores how our perception of AI risk evolves.
  • Dan Hendrycks on Why Evolution Favors AIs over Humans”: An insightful conversation on why evolution might favor artificial intelligence over humans in the long run.


The AI landscape continues to expand and evolve at an impressive pace in 2023. And podcasts are playing an integral role in disseminating information about this transformative technology. Each of these podcasts has unique features that cater to different audiences, from AI enthusiasts to business leaders and policymakers. They present a rich tapestry of ideas and perspectives, offering listeners the chance to learn from experts and gain a better understanding of the complex world of AI.

In 2023, these six podcasts stand out as valuable resources for anyone seeking to stay updated on AI’s latest trends, challenges, and potential. They represent the diversity of the AI community and the wide array of issues that this transformative technology touches upon.

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