Top 8 Reverse Phone Lookup Tools on the Internet

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Imagine a situation where you are harassed by an anonymous caller or constantly pranked by one. Scam calls are in abundance, too, and can get you entangled in a variety of fraudulent schemes. In all these circumstances, identifying who is behind the calls can give you the right ammunition to protect yourself and stop their advances. After all, as the saying goes, knowledge is power.

But what can you do when all you have to go by is a contact number? Today, thanks to modern technology, a phone number is more than enough for you to find out information about an individual.

How Reverse Phone Searches Work

In a regular people search, you use a person’s name as an identifier to retrieve data linked to it. A reverse phone search is similar. But instead of a name, it allows you to use a contact number to uncover related information.

Remember, no two people will carry the same phone number. This makes it a unique identifier, just like your SSN, passport number, or tax ID.

Thanks to this characteristic, a phone number could help identify an individual by unearthing a surprising amount of personal details—from their age and marital status to social media profiles and even financial records.

To make reverse number lookups easier and faster, specialized online tools have emerged, leveraging sophisticated technology, including AI, machine learning, and advanced algorithms.

They aggregate data from various free and paid resources and filter and organize it into useful information in the form of reports. Some apply rigorous verification processes to ensure the data they provide is reliable, accurate, and up-to-date. Best of all, many of these services offer anonymous searches, so you wouldn’t need to worry about safety threats.

Top Reverse Phone Lookup Tools on the Internet

1. Whitepages

Established in 1997, Whitepages has been in the business of people searches for 26 years. Catering to over 2 million searches each day, this tool can identify land and mobile numbers belonging to more than 250 million people in the US.

For $1, you can access membership benefits on Whitepages with a 5-day trial. This includes contact information for five reverse number lookups. However, if you require more details, the site offers several paid plans starting from $5.99 per month.

2. Nuwber

Nuwber is a people search engine with name, phone number, and address lookup services. Its ability to uncover information about a number’s current and past owners is a useful feature that can give you insights into possible links between individuals and those who have switched to new contact numbers.

In addition to a name, Nuwber’s reports may include address histories, professional licenses, financial records, property history, personal interests, criminal records, and more. It can find information about business numbers, too.

A 1-week plan on Nuwber will cost you $15.99 a week; a 1-month plan is $8.75 per week, and for a 1-year plan you will have to spend $4.04 per week.

3. Spokeo

Having started operations in 2006 as a social media aggregator, Spokeo transitioned into a people search engine in 2010. Today, it has access to over 12 billion records, with 20 million monthly users seeking its services.

The information Spokeo can retrieve ranges from photos and location histories to details about family members and work backgrounds.

Reports are available at a special price of $0.95, which includes a 7-day membership trial. Regular paid plans are priced at $29.95 per month.

4. BeenVerified

Claiming more than 1.5 million subscribers, this is a popular reverse phone lookup service with 16 years of industry experience. Apart from the desktop version, it is available as a mobile app for Android and Apple devices.

When it comes to payment plans, this tool has two straightforward options—a monthly subscription for $29.99 and a three-month one that costs $19.99 per month. Both include 100 monthly reports.

5. Intelius

Intelius is a reliable tool for uncovering detailed information about unknown callers within a few seconds. It uses a variety of public resources, from federal databases to social media profiles, to create its impressive reports. These typically contain names, addresses, family members, employment details, assets, and even criminal records.

The Intelius reverse phone lookup services are available for $34.95 per month, which also includes people and address search facilities. In addition, it has a $0.95 5-day trial for you to try out its services without committing to a monthly plan.

6. PeopleFinder

This site has been around since 1999 and is one of the most reputed tools for a reverse number lookup.

PeopleFinder obtains information from several public sources, which enables it to aggregate records of over 250 million people to create detailed reports containing extensive data.

It currently offers a full phone report for $0.95. This includes a 3-day trial of its monthly membership priced at $24.95.

7. TruthFinder

Founded in 2015, TruthFinder offers comprehensive phone search reports consisting of ten main sections, with information listed in chronological order.

Reports can contain names, aliases, images, possible relatives and associates, and location histories. They may also provide valuable insights into professional and financial details, including business affiliations, trademarks, licenses, liens, bankruptcies, and assets. In addition, TruthFinder can retrieve sex offender records and criminal histories, where available.

You can access all this information with a $4.99 monthly plan, which covers unlimited reports.

8. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a free service that can get you a name, city, and carrier information for phone numbers. However, to provide more detailed information, it will direct you to a premium partner who can get you access to additional data with a paid subscription. 

To Conclude

With rising threats to phone users’ privacy, security, and well-being, equipping yourself with a reliable reverse phone lookup tool has become a necessity to remain safe.

However, keep in mind that each tool has its own value proposition. So, carefully assess the services, fees, and benefits involved and ensure they meet your requirements before opting for one.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned above are based on rates listed on the relevant service provider’s website at the time of publishing this article.

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