10 AI Influencers To Follow In 2024

If you’re offline for just one day, you risk missing out on something important. AI influencers are sharing their expertise and breaking it down for consumers in easy-to-learn formats like books, YouTube videos, courses, and podcasts. This makes it simple for anyone to stay up-to-date and expand their knowledge.

In the last year, the global artificial intelligence (AI) industry was predicted to be worth US$ 119.78 billion. Many industries have a lot to gain from artificial intelligence. It is already making production more reliable, flexible, and efficient.

Thanks to its time-saving capabilities and improved accuracy, AI has empowered us to tackle tasks with a level of scale and speed that was once deemed impossible.

Influencers possess unique expertise, authority, and perspective on AI and technology, which is why their content can be found in abundance on the internet and social media platforms.

This list has been carefully selected based on relevance, contributions to the field, and impact made through education and professional experiences.

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Today, we’ll deep dive into the most influential people to follow:

Mark Minevich

Mark Minevich is a highly respected and trustworthy Chief Digital AI Strategist. He’s an expert in AI and a technology executive with a focus on global social innovation. Mark is also a UN advisor, an accomplished author and columnist, and the founder and President of Going Global Ventures. Additionally, he’s a private investor and venture capitalist.

The firm combines its experience and insights into AI solutions, opportunities, and threats to guide clients on their strategic journeys.

In addition to founding Going Global Ventures, Mark Minevich holds executive positions at the AI Pioneers Forum and the World Artificial Intelligence Organization. He is a highly regarded expert in technology and AI adoption, with over 20 years of experience consulting on business strategy and innovation for the global technology market.

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Nazareen Ebrahim

Nazareen Ebrahim, the head of Naz Consulting Corporate, Media, Academia, is a media and communications expert who focuses on technology. She is now being trained by Kay Firth Butterfield, the Head of AI and Machine Learning at the World Economic Forum, to become an AI Ethics Officer.

Nazareen Ebrahim is the Founder, CEO, and AI Ethics Officer of South Africa’s Socially Acceptable.

A South African non-profit organization that focuses on AI ethics and technology research and development are called Socially acceptable. This organization is dedicated to promoting equality between the sexes, peace, and justice in South Africa to make the country’s future a better one.

She shows leadership qualities and an entrepreneurial spirit, making Nazarene Ebrahim an example to people worldwide.

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Andriy Burkov

Andriy Burkov is a Machine Learning Lead at Gartner, a leading research and advisory company. His work focuses on the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. 

He has extensive experience in developing and deploying ML-based solutions in various industries. He is passionate about creating business value through the application of AI and ML and has been instrumental in helping organizations leverage these technologies to gain competitive advantages.

Burkova is a thought leader in the AI and ML space, publishing articles and speaking at conferences on how to best utilize these technologies. His work has helped companies improve their operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

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Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka

Expertise in SAP delivery execution and executive interaction are just two of the many areas in which Dr.Ganapathi Pulipaka excels as a respected technology leader. He also offers a wide range of services related to SAP business systems, enterprise application development, design engineering, management, data science, machine learning, deep learning, IoT platforms, natural language processing, and consulting delivery.

He is widely recognized as one of the data science industry’s most significant influences.

Dr. Gamapathi Pulipka is a successful writer who has made a name for himself in the field of data science through his expertise and enthusiasm. His books, such as “The Future of Data Science and Parallel Computing: A Road to Technological Singularity” and “Big Data Appliances for In-Memory Computing” have become standards in their respective fields.

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Katie King

Among Katie King’s many accomplishments are those of Author, Keynote Speaker, and Consultant in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital/Business Transformation. 

Katie has been in the consulting industry for 30 years. During that time, she has advised Richard Branson/Virgin, o2, Orange, Accenture, PA Consulting, Huawei, Arsenal Football Club, and Harrods, among many other notable companies and business executives. She currently serves as the head of Zoodikers and AI in Business, where she is the CEO.

The mission of Zoodikers is to help its customers find and engage with their ideal customers, hence boosting revenue, expanding market share, and achieving business objectives. Since 2010, Zoodikers have been helping businesses of all sizes, in a wide range of industries, to reach and engage with their most important audiences.

AI in Business is not a technology company; instead, it focuses on ways to assist customers in better comprehending technological concepts through training, workshops, and business strategy.

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Shailendra Kumar

Step into the realm of data mastery guided by Shailendra Kumar, a prodigious force with 27 years of transformative expertise. Armed with a rich tapestry of experiences, this trailblazing expert has channeled Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science to orchestrate an awe-inspiring $ 6 Billion in value creation spanning diverse sectors.

As the author behind the Amazon Bestseller ‘Making Money out of Data,’ their strategies are not just revolutionary; they’re a beacon illuminating pathways to digital triumph. With an illustrious career spanning IBM and Accenture, they crafted revolutionary AI and designed Machine Learning models that reshaped the analytics landscape.

Envision presenting paradigm-shifting deep learning solutions to global leaders, reshaping industries, and sculpting data into gold for retail giants like Woolworths and Coles.

This visionary isn’t just rewriting data’s rules; they’re ushering in an era where unprecedented brilliance meets boundless ambition. Dive into a universe where data reigns supreme—connect with Shailendra, and embark on an extraordinary journey into the future of data-driven triumphs.

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Phillip Vollet

Phillip Vollet is an Open-Source Influencer, and the Head of Developer Relations at Jina AI, a leading provider of natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

He is passionate about making AI technology accessible and understandable for developers, so they can create world-changing applications. He has worked with a wide range of companies to help them understand and take advantage of NLP and AI technologies.

Phillip is also a frequent speaker at AI conferences and seminars, teaching developers how to get the most out of these powerful technologies. With his experience and commitment to AI, Phillip is an invaluable resource for developers looking to build powerful AI applications.

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Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun is the head of Facebook’s AI research division and a professor at New York University’s Center for Data Science, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, the Center for Neural Science, and more.

As for his impressive background, what’s more, immersive is his latest invention called DjVu image. It is primarily intended for storing scanned documents, particularly those with a mixture of text, line drawings, indexed color images, and photographs.

Several international banks use his handwriting recognition software, and his image compression software is relied on by hundreds of websites and publications, allowing millions of Internet users to view scanned documents online. 

Major tech firms like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple employ the convolutional network model of image identification that he developed.

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Iain Brown

Iain Brown is the Head of Data Science at SAS and an Adjunct Professor of Marketing Analytics at the University of Southampton. He leads the way in AI, and Machine Learning for the Financial Services industry.
He has also worked on predictive analytics and natural language processing. Brown has also been involved in numerous research projects related to AI, including the development of artificial neural networks and reinforcement learning. His work has been instrumental in advancing the field of AI.

As a public speaker with a lot of experience and a published author, he has spoken at many well-known conferences and conventions and has had papers published.

Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman is a scientist of research at MIT and his work in the field of AI is nothing short of remarkable.

He is an expert in the areas of deep learning, computer vision, and robotics, and his research focuses on the development of autonomous systems and the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

He has worked on a variety of projects ranging from self-driving cars to robots that can interact with humans. His work has already had a large impact on the field of AI and he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. He is an inspirational figure for anyone interested in the development of AI, and his work is paving the way for future advancements in this field.

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