Best Public Relations Platforms in 2023

In a time where public opinion has a massive influence on the success of your business, a talented public relations team is essential to maintaining public favor. However, tracking and influencing public opinion has become extremely difficult with the amount of data becoming available every second on the internet. 

Manual media tracking has become obsolete, so public relations professionals have turned to various software and platforms to monitor the influx of data and track public opinion. These tools allow them to proactively control and respond to the media’s perception of their clients. We look at the best platforms for media outreach, monitoring, and engagement. No matter which software you choose to use, any one of these will help add value for your clients and your career in public relations.

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Muck Rack

This centralized public relations platform is a media database that allows professionals to cover the full scope of their daily tasks in one convenient place. It is intuitive, and fast, and helps individuals navigate the media landscape. Muck Rack allows users to:

  • Find the right journalists for their story
  • Monitor news, broadcasts, and social media
  • Personalize and track outreach
  • Asynchronously collaborate with teammates around the world
  • And compile and analyze data related to campaigns.

The collaborative nature of Muck Rack helps media and public relations professionals stay on top of brand engagement and media mentions. This tool is essential for streamlining the processes of public relations.


Cision is a great media outreach tool that assists users in targeting, reaching, and engaging their audience. This platform is widely used in the world of public relations, so much so that most PR agencies require some level of experience with the software. 

Cision allows professionals to plan strategically, identify the most viable influencers for campaigns, create relevant content, and measure the impact of campaigns and outreach. It is a convenient tool to find everything you need in one place, from influencers and journalists to target audiences and media analysis. 

By providing curated lists of influencers, journalists, reporters, editors, and the like, Cision helps its users to target service providers related to a specific focus. 

TV Eyes

TV Eyes is a comprehensive global media search engine that scans the internet, TV, and radio for relevant content and media mentions. TV Eyes’ users gain access to an archive full of historical and real-time data to assist with media monitoring.

Searching for client coverage has been simplified with a Media Monitoring Suite. This tool covers broadcasts across 3,000 stations, in 27 different countries with over 30 different languages. TV Eyes also offers Logo Discovery, which conducts a visual search of brand logos across different mediums, helping users track and analyze a client’s visual appearances. The creation of this innovative solution provides value and an easy way to measure a brand’s on-screen exposure to the public.


Burrelles prides itself on offering highly targeted media outreach, a comprehensive monitoring system, and curated analysis. They have been an industry leader in media monitoring and measurement tools for over 130 years. 

Burrelles offers a range of media monitoring solutions, with full-service media monitoring combining human insight with advanced technology to show users media coverage most relevant to them. Instead of being pulled from data points, information has been verified by real editors, guaranteeing relevancy to your focus. Additionally, they offer iMonitor, a service media monitoring option providing users with an affordable and convenient alternative to full-service monitoring.

The legacy of this company and its technology are proof that its solutions are essential tools for successful professionals in the media landscape. 


Social media marketing has become a huge trend in the field of public relations, and Hootsuite aims to simplify the marketing process for media relations professionals. With features that can schedule and publish posts to your favorite social media platform, individuals can automate a majority of their content for marketing campaigns. 

Hootsuite also helps its users manage customer engagement, monitor market trends and competition, promote content and provides analytics for all of the aforementioned services. This platform also creates an easier way to keep track of activity across all social media platforms by compiling everything on their convenient platform.

This unique social media management application is helping people in the PR industry scale their businesses and create value for clients. 

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