Top Pet Technology Companies to Watch in 2023

Almost all pet owners want the best for their animals. Whether it’s their health, diet, or other factors, pets require much attention and care to live extraordinary lives.

However, depending on one’s schedule or other obligations, giving a pet the treatment they deserve may be challenging when we don’t even have time for taking care of ourselves.

Why not let technology help? Nowadays, many companies provide services and tech to assist in pet care. This article will list and discuss some great companies offering pet technology and their excellent benefits.

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Here are some of the top pet technology companies to watch:


For all the great pet essentials you will love, choosing Chewy as your go-to provider is important. Chewy is a fantastic e-commerce platform specializing in many pet products, like food and toys, and offers over 2,000 different brands to customers. 

A great thing about this wonderful marketplace is that it caters to almost every animal imaginable. From dog food and treats to horse vitamins, Chewy is incredibly versatile and convenient as they deliver the products right to your door. With 24/7 customer service, Chewy is a company you should consider going forward. 


Traveling with your pet can be stressful, especially since many hotels do not allow animals to stay with their guests. BringFido is an online service that searches for the most affordable pet-friendly hotels in your area

This company has grown exponentially since its foundation in 2006. Now BringFido accommodates pets and their owners, showcasing over 500,000 places to stay in over 14,000 cities. In addition, this company offers a convenient mobile app on Android and Ios, making BringFido a must when traveling. 


Ensuring your pet leads a healthy lifestyle is crucial for their well-being. Mixlab is a company that specializes in pet pharmaceutical needs and delivers them in the most convenient manner to its customers. 

The process is straightforward. Users can have their veterinarian send their pet’s prescription to Mixlab, or the company can even reach out to them for you. After that, customers can expect rapid, next-day delivery to their door, even including a free toy in the box. Making your pet healthier has never been easier with the help of Mixlab. 


Unfortunately, our pets can’t speak to us, so we don’t know how they truly feel. Luckily, Dinbeat provides a product that is a wearable device that gives us insight into how our pet’s health is. 

The Dinbeat UNO is a wearable vest that monitors many aspects of your pet, such as temperature and heart rate. The design is made to have maximum comfort for the animal and comes in an array of sizes. In addition, Customers can access their pet’s data from anywhere, desktop or mobile device, making Dinbeat’s products some of the most revolutionary ones on the market. 


Ensuring your pet’s healthy lifestyle is impossible without controlling the quality of food they’re eating. With PetPlate, users can experience personalized and freshly made pet food delivered to their homes. 

PetPlate ensures it cooks its pet food of the best quality, as its process takes place only in safe USDA kitchens. In addition, users can cater their food to their pets depending on either dietary restrictions or preferences and have it delivered to them on their schedule. With the many opportunities PetPlate presents, this company should undoubtedly be on your radar.


For cat lovers around the globe, gaining insights into your feline friend can be significantly helpful, whether it’s for detecting health conditions or a simple DNA test. Basepaws is an excellent company that offers easy-to-use swab tests for your pet.

With a foundation of years of feline research, Basepaws’ tests only need five to ten seconds of swabbing to cover a wide variety of information, such as complete genome sequences and oral health. This company ships internationally and only takes four to six weeks to receive feedback. Basepaws is a great company to utilize if you own a cat. 

Animal ID

Keeping up with your pet is essential, whether it is knowing where they are or how they feel. With a mobile app like Animal ID, pet owners will no longer have to worry about their animals with its many features. 

Its app allows users to access many insights into their pet, such as significant health and identity documents and even a weight tracker. Animal ID also offers a QR pet id tag, which tracks your pet if they manage to run away using your phone. Using Animal ID today would not be a disappointment.


Accommodating and caring for a pet can be stressful if your schedule is overwhelming. HouseMyDog is an online platform connecting pet owners with house sitters and dog walkers

This fantastic service employs the best-certified dog walkers and gives owners peace of mind by tracking their walks using GPS devices. In addition, the company covers veterinary bills in case of an emergency using their service. Recognized by Forbes and The Daily Telegraph, HouseMyDog is sure to make an impact in the near future.


Fleas and ticks are among the most encountered problems when owning a dog or cat. With Itch, this problem is no longer influential on your pet’s life as this subscription-based service offers consistent flea medication and many more.

This service is incredibly convenient, as it delivers monthly perfectly tailored flea and tick medication right to your door after acquiring information on your pet. In addition, the company offers an excellent all-in-one vitamin supplement and even a video veterinarian free with your subscription. Taking away your pet’s itch with Itch will surely not disappoint. 


Your pet’s overall well-being is essential, so PitPat offers many unique and helpful devices to track your furry friend’s health and location if they run away. 

With their GPS tracker, users can access their pet’s location at any moment using their mobile device. In addition, to keep up with their health, customers can utilize a health tracker to gain insights into their physical activity, and even a bowl also acts as a scale to feed them consistently. PitPat offers many more features and is a force within the pet technology industry. 

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