Top Entertainment Technology Companies to Watch in 2023

Entertainment is what many people want to do in their free time. So it’s only fair to assume that people want to gravitate toward entertainment of the best quality and highest convenience.

There are many companies out in the market that aim to create great experiences for individuals through many mediums of entertainment. This article will explore some top companies that surround the entertainment field and revolutionize characteristics through technological means. 

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Here are the top entertainment technology companies to watch:


Maintaining a career within the entertainment industry can be brutal as revenue may not match the audience you garner. With Patreon, content creators and other entertainers can easily create memberships for those who want to support them.

Patreon allows users to make tiered memberships at varying prices to support their business, from podcasters and video creators to musicians and visual artists. Users can also give their subscribers rewards based on how much they contribute. Making revenue directly from your audience has never been easier with the help of Patreon. 


No company compares with Spotify in the popularity of music streaming and other entertainment content. This company is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming platform that is available for free or with a monthly subscription.

With this platform, users can cater to music playlists to their liking and even receive algorithm song suggestions based on what they have listened to previously. In addition, Spotify Premium offers users all the free version’s functions but without ads and unlimited skips. If you have not tried Spotify before, it will not be a disappointment.


Watching entertainment can be a time-consuming task for many with busy schedules. Brut aims to deliver short-form content surrounding news and entertainment to users with their easy-to-use platform.

With Brut, users can navigate through categories such as science and technology, health, economy, sports, and more. In addition, this company also promotes bite-sized video content, with the majority on the site being only around five minutes long. With their videos being viewed over 400 million times a month, it’s safe to say that Brut is making an impact in this industry.

Banger Games

This unique platform will surely grab your attention with its approach for all gaming enthusiasts. Banger Games is a gaming service and a community engagement platform that runs entirely on blockchain technology. 

Once users sign up to the platform, they will receive a Banger Wallet, which allows gamers to buy many things, such as NFTs and other in-store purchases. In addition, this platform is very versatile, as players can use it on a desktop or mobile device. Banger Games is one of the market’s most revolutionary approaches to gaming.


Audible’s platform introduces a new way to experience storytelling most conveniently. With Audible, users can access various audiobooks that can be listened to on any mobile device. 

This platform allows users to listen to books in various genres, whether informative non-fiction or immersive fiction stories. Audible also employs multiple technological innovations to improve its service, such as Whispersync, which allows users to switch seamlessly between books. If you love to read, then Audible is a must. 


Unlike many other music streaming platforms, Soundcloud exclusively aims to empower independent artists to shine. Soundcloud is a streaming service that allows users to upload and share their music easily.

This company is perfect for independent music artists because it enables them to promote and monetize their content through the site. Also, with their premium subscription, users can access top-quality tools to help engage audiences and enhance their experience. Users can genuinely expose their content to the world and enjoy others with the help of Soundcloud. 


Festicket is the platform you should use to enjoy live, in-person concerts and music events. This platform allows users to purchase and manage their festival tickets with ease. 

No matter what country you are in, this company covers festivals worldwide from the UK, Spain, and Australia. Festicket also allows individuals to filter through different genres like heavy metal and techno, and even venue types, whether you prefer to be inside or outside. With the many features that Festicket provides, it’s essential to book your next festival experience with it.  


For an in-person event ticket platform that genuinely cares about its customers, Seatgeek is unlike any other in the industry. Seatgeek is a live entertainment service that provides users with tickets in many different entertainment fields.

This company is available on desktop or mobile devices and can easily manage tickets for concerts or sporting events. One unique feature of this platform is that users can also view their POV from the seat they choose by using their innovative interactive maps so that they can make sure they get the best out of their experience. This and more is why Seatgeek is a go-to platform for your future tickets. 


In the world of modern-day shoppable shows for the younger generation, NTWRK is the most up-and-coming platform that showcases all the top pop culture products on the market through live broadcasts. 

Some of the brands you might find on NTWRK’s broadcasts include Adidas, Levi’s, Beats By Dre, Nike, and many more. In addition, users can conveniently watch all drops through their great mobile app. If you enjoy streetwear, sneakers, or anything pop culture, NTWRK is perfect. 


For a great interactive experience and earning money through various exciting mobile games, then WinZO is the best company for you. WinZO is a safe and secure social gaming platform that allows users to win actual prizes. If you are interested in gaming platforms, learn more here about how AI is improving gaming.

A great feature about this company is that once you earn wins, the winnings are immediately credited to a WinZO wallet or linked bank account so users can experience their prizes quickly. Also, the platform supports many fun games, so you are winning value off of the site and having a great experience simultaneously. If you have not used WinZO before, it’s a great way to win big.

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