10 EdTech Companies Enhancing Education and Learning through AI

Official Announcement

The AI for Education 2019 Initiative Committee has completed the evaluations of prominent EdTech companies applying Artificial Intelligence to enhance education and learning.

The companies selected in the list apply AI in different ways to benefit students, learners, and the educational sector at large.

The fact that many students are finding it increasingly difficult to learn, the idea of artificial intelligence is equal to rescuing from a drowning boat. The level of education is reaching heights, which means that students are now required to put more effort, more knowledge, and more time into these tasks. But as the level of education rises, so do the services that help students with these tasks. Using the example of paperwriter reviews, which describe the benefits of the service, you can choose the most appropriate one. There are many of them, each one is good in its own way, specializes in different aspects, and they can be useful for students and the entire education sector in general.

The evaluation is part of the AI for Education 2019 Initiative, which aims to identify and showcase the most impactful and beneficial applications of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Education.

AI for Education Committee Members

We thank the AI for Education 2019 Initiative Committee Members who took part in the evaluations.

They have evaluated the EdTech companies based on their vision, the maturity of their technology, and their contribution to applying AI technology to solve significant problems in the educational sector.

Learn more about the AI for Education 2019 Initiative Committee Members

10 EdTech Companies Enhancing Education and Learning through AI

Scratch is a platform for student to create their own interactive stories. Available in more than 150 countries with 40 choices of languages, Scratch aims to allow users to share stories, exchange experiences, and ask questions with people from the whole world. Specifically designed for people aged 8-16, Scratch’s goal is to improve the creativity of kids and teenagers.

Century Tech is using AI technology to advance education. This learning platform provides a constantly adaptive pathway for students and a reliable powerful assessment to help teachers understand their students better. Century is suitable for primary and secondary school as well as college.

Kidaptive is an AI-based algorithm that helps educational companies fully utilize their collected data in order to empower learners of all ages with sophisticated tools along with their parents and teachers. Kidaptive exist to enhance today’s available learning context and to support a long-term vision of universal psychometric profile.

Osmo aims to let kids interact with technology without diminishing the value of hands-on play. Osmo creates games that can be played with tangible pieces to give a unique collaboration between technology and hands-on experience. They are revolutionizing the way children play and learn in this era of digitalization.

Quill is a nonprofit educational organization that aims to increase the literacy and writing skill of people by more than just teaching about grammar. They develop adaptive research based on writing instruction that helps students to exercise writing and revise. They believe that writing is one important skill for the success of the future.

Workbench is an education platform that provides students with featured resources of lessons for every student. They are now partnering with Google making it easier to sync data between Workbench and Google Classroom. Students can be assigned a project, lesson, or any other material related to the subject accordingly, and the teacher can track their progress within one platform.

Blippar specializes in augmented reality (AR) and Computer vision (AI) technologies to make engaging and personalized experiences.

Wonder Workshop is an educative platform that enables kids to learn coding from a very young age. Through a robot developed by Wonder Workshop, kids will discover a wonderful moment where parents will observe it as a ‘wonder moment’ of learning directly. With this interface, they try to make learning and discovering more fun for kids.

Classcraft is reimagining the classroom with technology. They use games, technology, and storytelling method to make kids feel school as a place that is more playful and collaborative thus making the classroom situation better. With their product, Classcraft fosters a non-circular cognition of the student to help them prepare the future life as an adult.

Knewton helps people and organizations to develop skills they need to advance in order to succeed. They fill in the gap in any level of education by developing digital education, learning assessment, and certification solutions to ensure enhanced education.

Special Mention

Squirrel AI

Companies, where evaluating committee members’ work, have not been included in the evaluations. However, we want to highlight the work being done in the educational sector by Squirrel AI.

Thought Leadership comment by Committee Member Dr.Premlatha KR

Century is one of the best EdTech platforms for International schools (individual education plans for all children). Century ensures evidence-based scientific and pedagogical techniques in its products. Nowadays, international schools are trying to differentiate their classrooms from others. They use CENTURY AI in different ways, from an effective classroom learning platform to a homework tool. CENTURY’s new Pop-up AI Classroom provides a personalized learning path for all students.

Wonder Workshop is one of the finest 10 EdTech companies learning through AI. It uses Robots, to trigger the creativity of kids and provide learning space to obtain critical coding skills. These Robots afford fun and interactive learning experiences for small kids. Recently, this EdTech Company launched its new product, Class Connect. It offers tutors, a dashboard to monitor students’ progress, understand where the students are succeeding and struggling in real-time, and determine the precise learning standards and resources.

Kidaptive’s Adaptive Learning Platform uses AI technologies that support schools to collect learners’ data and improve learners’ commitment. Students were analyzed based on their strengths and weaknesses, and predictions were made about their future performance based on current learning patterns. 

Recently, I came across the wonderful EdTech website named WhiteHat Jr on social media sites. WhiteHat Jr makes 6-14 age group kids learn fundamentals of AI coding, logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking. In addition, they prepare them to generate creative animations and apps.

Currently, EdTech Companies are trying to automate the educational process wherever manual intervention is more required (creating assignments, setting questions, evaluation, performance assessment, etc…).

AI Educational Chatbots are the better way to implement all these things (can serve as a tutor; serve counselors to guide students, make an inquiry, collect feedback and analyze results, etc…). AI enables the EdTech domain to change the one-size-fits-all model of classrooms and ensures personalized and collaborative learning.

AI brings essential improvements in EdTech in terms of Adaptive e-learning, Online learning platforms, and recommender systems. Besides the above-discussed areas, there are some other EdTech platforms that are also doing well and going to dominate in the next decade.

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