25 Insurtech Influencers to Follow By 2020

AI is being used in many critical industries like Healthcare and Driverless cars. But have you ever imagined up to what extent can AI impact Insurtech and finance? Because that’s where the money lies!

With so much innovation being done in the space of Insurtech, we are seeing one of the biggest disruptions happening in front of us. Most of the Insurance related tasks required the customers to go through the pain of endless paperwork, misleading terms & conditions and then claiming their insurance which they deserve.

New age AI powered solutions have disrupted the complete process altogether. From paperless customer onboarding on apps in minutes to claiming insurance just by uploading images in the app and friendly Chatbots, AI not only is making the space of Insurtech faster, but also convenient and safer!

In this article we present you 25 such spearheads of this disruption of AI in Insurtech going into 2020 whom you should follow.



We invite the influencers featured in this article to contribute their insights and be featured in the upcoming ebook:
AI in Insurance Trends 2021

25 Insurtech Influencers to Follow By 2020

Spiros Margaris

Spiro Margaris is a VC and Advisor at Margaris ventures, a venture capital and private equity firm. He is a board member of Canopy, a UK fintech company that tries to make renting easier for everyone. In 2016, he was ranked as the No1 global fintech influencer by Onalytica. He regularly appears in the top 3 positions of global insurance and fintech influencers. Follow Spiros Margaris to get the latest updates on fintech, AI, and insurance.

Jean-Baptiste Lefevre

Jean-Baptiste Lefevre is a senior consultant at Merkutio, a France-based company providing consulting, training, communications, and digital marketing services. He was previously a product owner at DXLab BNP Daribas, where he managed projects involving new technologies. He has held talks on how blockchain technology will affect the insurance and insurtech industries. Jean has been ranked in the top 10 insurtech influencers by Onalytica. Follow Jean-Baptiste Lefevre as he tweets regularly about the future of fintech and insurtech.

Chris Gledhill

Chris Gledhill was the CEO of Secco Aura, a financial technology startup company. He led disruptive innovation at the Lloyds banking group. He is currently an independent financial advisor, futurist, writer, and speaker. Chris Gledhill is ranked regularly in the top global fintech influencers. If you are interested in the latest fintech, insurtech, and wealthtech developments, then Chris Gledhill is who you should follow.

Steve Tunstall

Steve Tunstall is the CEO and Co-founder of Inszure, a smart business insurance company. He is a committee member at PARIMA. He is an insurtech, insurance, and risk management champion with over 30 years of experience. He is passionate about making commercial insurance easy for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Follow Steve Tunstall on Twitter, where he tweets regularly about developments in the insurance and insurtech industries.

Matteo Carbone

Matteo Carbone is the founder and director of the IoT insurance observatory, where he generates and promotes innovation in the insurance sector. He previously served as the chairman of the Innovation advisory board of Net Insurance SPA. Matteo Carbone is internationally recognized as an insurance industry strategist with a specialization in innovation. He is regularly ranked among top international insurgency influencers. Follow Matteo Carbone to get updates and insights on insurtech and innovation.

Florian Graillot

Florian Graillot is an Advisor at the Open Insurance Initiative (#OpenInsurance), an initiative that aims to promote API technology in the insurance sector. He is a founding partner and VC investor at AstoryaVC, where he invests in early-stage European startups with a focus on technology that could build the next insurance generation. Florian Graillot tweets regularly about the latest trends in the insurance, insurtech, and startup industries. Follow him to stay updated.

Minh Q. Tran

Minh Q. Tran is a co-founder and investment partner of the Alchemy crew, a venture validation firm for the insurance sector and financial services institutions. He is a managing partner at insurtech capital. Minh is an asset builder, he works with insurance companies, institutional investors, and fund managers to invest at scale. Minh is interested in insurtech, wealthtech, proptech, and fintech. Follow Minh Q. Tran as he tweets regularly about growth in these industries.

Robin Kiera

Robin Kiera is an ambassador for Female Founders in Insurtech 2020, an open innovation competition targeted at promoting female entrepreneurs with solutions relevant to the insurance industry. He is a personal and virtual speaker at DigitalScouting, a platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior managers in finance and insurance. Robin Keira is a co-author of the InsurTECH book. Follow Robin Kiera to stay updated on the latest digitalization, Insurtech, and fintech happenings around the globe.

Nigel Walsh

Nigel Walsh is a co-Author of the insurTECH book. He is a partner at Deloitte Digital, where he focuses on insurTech, technology transformation, and digital growth as insurers continue to adopt the use of new technologies. He is a co-host of the insurtech insider podcast, where he interviews experts in the insurTech space to talk about breaking news and hot topics in the insurance industry. Follow Nigel Walsh on his Twitter page where he talks about his mission to make insurance loveable.

Xavier Gomez

Xavier Gomez is the managing director and deputy editor-in-chief at INVYO insights, a global provider of fintech news and analysis. He is the founder and COO at INVYO. He is a fintech thought leader with strong expertise in private equity. As the co-chief editor of Techfoliance, he partners with the best experts and entrepreneurs to cover the latest trends in topics related to digital banking, payments, insurtech, blockchain, financial inclusion, insurance, and more. Follow Xavier Gomez on his Twitter page where he gives insights into the future of the fintech, insurtech, and finserv industries.

Sabine VanderLinden

Sabine Vanderlinden is one of the three co-editors and authors of the bestseller, the InsurTECH book. She has worked with over 100 financial services institutions over a 20year period and over 30 insurers, 200mentors, and 140 active investors during the past 5years. She is an insurtech investment advisor at Mandalore partners, where she provides insights on investment-worthy fintech, insuretech, wealthtech, and healthtech ventures. Follow Sabine Vanderlinden on Twitter where she talks about the latest happenings in the insurtech industry.

Jay Palter

Jay Palter was the managing director and a licensed insurance advisor at IPS insurance, where he established strong working relationships with insurance carriers and distributors in Canada. He is very experienced in insurance underwriting. He is currently the chief engagement officer at Jay Palter’s social advisory. On his Twitter page, Jay Palter regularly tweets about his interviews in the finTech, insurtech, wealthtech, and AI industries. Follow him to always get updates on the latest insurance trend.

Julian Teicke

Julian Teicke is the founder and CEO of Wefox, a digital platform that connects insurance providers, distributors, and customers. Julian is passionate about reinventing insurance at scale. His company simplifies how we deal with insurance today and in the future while changing people’s experience of insurance for the better. Julian Teicke shares insights on insurance coverage and insurtech on his Twitter page, follow him if you are interested in these topics.

Shai Wininger

Shai Wininger is passionate about product design, hacking, and building iconic brands. He is a Co-founder of Fiverr (NYSE:FVRR). He is currently the co-founder and COO of lemonade Inc, a licensed insurance carrier offering renters, homeowners, and pet health insurance in the United States. He is interested in simplifying the process of buying insurance. Follow Shai Wininger on Twitter where he tweets regularly about the latest advancement in the insurance and insurtech spaces.

Chris Cheatham

Chris Cheatham is known as “The Luke Skywalker of insurance policies”. He is fascinated by the application of trending technologies to the insurance industry. He is the CEO of RiskGenius, a company that streamlines the insurance review process and provides nearly instant policy analysis. Chris Cheatam wants to change the way insurance policies are reviewed. Follow Chris Cheatham on his Twitter page, where he talks about insurance, insurtech, and his love for Kansas City sports.

Mike de Waal

Mike De Waal is the president and founder of ConnectInsure, the first dynamic web-based solution that streamlines the marketing, quoting, and proposal generation of group insurance plans. He is the president and founder of Global IQX, a North American AI-driven group insurance procurement platform. Mike is passionate about the group insurance industry and employee benefits. Follow Mike De Waal on Twitter where he talks about the latest trends in the insurance and the Insurtech industries.

florian semle

Florian Semle is a digital transformer with a focus on fintech, insurtech, blockchain, AI, social media, and digital transformation. In 2017, he was ranked as part of the top global fintech influencers. He was the interim communications lead for Allianz X GmbH, a venture capital and private equity firm. If you are interested in getting the latest updates in the insurance, insurtech, and fintech industries, then Florian Semle is the one to follow.

Daniel Schreiber

Daniel Schreiber is the CEO and co-founder of Lemonade Inc, a licensed insurance carrier, offering insurance powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. He was previously the president and a board member of PowerMat, where he oversaw business development, IP, product management, PR, and strategy. Daniel Schreiber is passionate about simplifying the insurance quoting process. Follow him on Twitter where he talks about what he is doing to achieve this.

Karl Heinz Passler

Karl Heinz Passler is a co-author of ” The InsurTECH book”, an Amazon bestseller. He is a product manager at Basler Versicherungen, a service-oriented private customer insurer. Karl was ranked among the top 10 Insurtech influencers by insTech London. He is interested in helping insurance innovators and insurTech startups improve their products, processes, and business models with insurtech. Follow Karl Heinz Passler to stay in the know about the latest happenings in the world of insurance and insurtech.

Charlotte Halkett

Charlotte Halkett is the Chief commercial officer at BoughtByMany, an award-winning insurtech company leading the way in creating better insurance products and customer experiences. She was previously the MD insurance product at Buzzmove. Charlotte is the winner of the market force “insurance innovator of the year 2019″. She qualified as a finalist in the Women in insurance ” Digital champion of the year 2019″. Follow Charlotte Halkett as she tweets regularly about advancement in the insurance and insurtech industries.

Jeroen Bartelse

Jeroen Bartelse is focused on how to keep insurers relevant in the 21st Century. He is currently the business innovation manager at Achmea, where he works on projects including the development of a blockchain agnostic smart contract-based insurance solution. Jeroen is a member of the advisory board of the European digital insurance summit and speaks at EDIS events. Follow Jeroen Bartelse as he tweets regularly about self-driving cars, drones, and insurtech.

Rob Galbraith

Rob Galbraith is the author of the international bestselling book ” The end of insurance”. He has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. Rob is a recognized thought leader on P&C insurance. Rob shares his unique insights on the topics of innovation, insurtech, and insurance regularly across the globe. Follow Rob Galbraith ” The most interesting man in insurance” on Twitter to get trending insights into insurance and risk management.

Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur is an ambassador for Asia insurtech podcast, Asia’s first podcast dedicated to insurtech and innovation in insurance. He was previously the insurance product manager at Laka insurance. His weekly newsletter “Insuretech Tribe” is ranked #1 under “Insurtech” on Substack. He is currently building an insurtech startup in India powered by the India stack. Follow Rahul Mathur to get updates on the latest insurtech trends.

George Kesselman

George Kesselman is the head of commercial at ZAtech, a technology business redefining insurance by seamlessly embedding it within major internet ecosystems. He is the CEO and a co-founder of Anapi, a software platform that changes how businesses get and manage insurance. He is the president and founder of Insurtech Asia Association, a growing ecosystem of insurance innovators around Asia. He is a founding member of the global insurtech Alliance (GITA). If you are interested in getting the latest updates on insurtech and innovation, then you should follow George Kesselman.

Denise Garth

Denise is the chief strategy officer at Majesco, a global leader of cloud software that helps insurers modernize, innovate, and connect to build the future of their business. She is a mentor at the global insurance accelerator, a mentor-driven accelerator designed to foster innovation in the insurance industry. She is an advisory board member at silicon valley insurance accelerator. She has been recognized as part of the top 50 insurtech influencers. Follow Denise Garth as she regularly tweets about how the insurance industry can plan for the future.



We invite the influencers featured in this article to contribute their insights and be featured in the upcoming ebook:
AI in Insurance Trends 2021

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