Top Companies for Remote Workers to Watch in 2023

Working remotely has never been more popular than it is today. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the broad-based lockdown, many companies shifted their business operations online.

Nowadays, professionals in many spheres, including marketing, programming, data science, design, copywriting, and more, prefer working from the comfort of their own homes.

Today, there is a wide variety of products and services that make remote work easier. Hence, to help remote workers choose the best tools, we expose some of the best companies that allow remote workers to enhance their productivity, stay motivated, and fix their schedules.

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Ensuring comfortable and effective communication in your remote team is of the utmost importance for every successful company. Slack provides remote workers with a platform for communication, where colleagues can communicate via direct messages or in group channels.

The channel function is convenient when you need to create various chats for diverse teams, such as marketing, public relations, web development, or any other channels you need. In addition, you can combine Slack with other productivity and project management tools like Asana or Microsoft Teams. If you are not convinced about making the platform your primary tool for communication, read this article that compares Slack with emails. 


Dropbox is a collaboration platform that helps companies to store and share documents and data. The company offers users two solutions: Dropbox for personal use and Dropbox for work. The platform has many benefits, including:

  • The rights to the documents uploaded to Dropbox remain with the user. This ensures the company is not reselling your data.
  • You can store all your files, from computer backups to photo libraries, in one place.
  • You can upload documents up to 2 TB each and empower anyone to preview your files of over 200 types.
  • Dropbox is a leader regarding security, according to numerous customer feedback.

So, if you are looking for a place to store your data or share important documents with your team, Dropbox might be perfect for you. 


Managing your daily tasks may sometimes be difficult; hence, an efficient task management tool would be of great help. Asana is the perfect task and project management solution. The platform provides a clear view of your daily tasks and priorities, empowers managers to assign important tasks to their team members, and ensures effective task-related communication.

Many views of the tasks and projects, such as list, board, calendar, timeline, and more, make your workflow even more effective by allowing you to choose the best layout for you. Additionally, you can use Asana in collaboration with other productivity tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Dropbox


Not sold on Asana? Redbooth is another effective task management tool that will help to organize tasks in a remote setting. The platform provides all task and project management tools in one place, which simplifies communication within teams and significantly improves project management.

With 620,000 teams, 1.9 million projects, and 39 million tasks, Redbooth is praised by many customers from various industries, including education, marketing, web design, and more. Furthermore, the company offers a customized solution for remote workers that includes such benefits as shared workspaces, various system versions (Android, iPhone, iPad, and desktop), HD video conferencing, real-time updates, and more.  


Google Hangouts is a cross-platform messaging software designed to provide secure and instant communication channels. The platform has such offers as:

  • Instant messaging
  • Video calls 
  • Group or personal chats 
  • Group calls of up to 10 people 
  • Synchronization on your devices across iOS, the web, Android, and more.

Google Hangouts provides services similar to Zoom but does not require workers to download any software. Since Hangouts is a part of the G Suite, it can be easily used with other Google products, such as Google Calendar or Google Drive.  


Loved by over 85,000 teams from various brands and companies, including Nasa, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, and more, ProofHub is a great online project management software. The company provides numerous remote working functions and brings them together in one place to improve working experiences in teams. These functions include online proofing, discussions, sharing feedback, managing projects and tasks, and collaborating with customers.

Also, you can integrate ProofHub with other apps for remote work, such as Google Calendar, iCal, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. The platform offers many solutions, including marketing, project & product management, and creative & design teams. So, if you are looking for a task management platform customized for various industries, ProofHub is the right solution for you.


Based on the idea of a collective brain, Nuclino offers remote teams a fast way to collaborate by bringing everything from documents to projects together on one platform. The tool is designed to be simple and intuitive.

Your team may benefit from using Nuclino in many ways, such as 

  • Sharing and working on documents in real-time
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Managing projects and tasks
  • Building your company wiki, and more

The projects and tasks can be organized in one of the suggested views (list, board, or graph) that fit your workflow the best. Don’t hesitate and try out this collaborative brain platform to increase your team’s efficiency. 


Reviewed by such industry giants as Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC News, and more, EmailAnalytics is a company that helps its clients improve their email activity. This organization suggests visualizing your email activity and provides you with information and advice on what you need to improve.

EmailAnalytics analyzes the number of emails your team receives and sends daily, how many correspondents you have, and the number of their spam emails. Also, it provides a clear view of your email traffic by the day of the week and can help you understand what days your correspondents are the most active and open to communication. In addition to the aforementioned offers, EmailAnalytics has such solutions as:

  • Email traffic by Gmail/Outlook label
  • Top senders & recipients
  • Email traffic by the hour of the day
  • Email response time
  • Team management and more.

This company will surely help your business improve internal and external communication and increase efficiency. 


Such apps and software as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet are the most popular communication tools among many remote workers. However, the most common concern faced during video or audio calls and team meetings is poor sound quality and background noises. Krisp is a great noise-canceling app and echo-reduction software that aims to resolve this problem.

Trusted by such well-known brands as GitHub, Discord, GitLab, and more, the company offers great noise, background voice, and echo cancellation options. You can test the software on Krisp’s website and apply various noise types, such as barking dogs, street noise, crying babies, keyboard clicks, and more, to compare the sound with and without Krisp. If video calls and team meetings are a significant part of your working routine, you should consider using this software. 


When your employees work remotely, assessing their productivity becomes every manager’s or business owner’s concern. Kickidler can solve this problem for you. The company offers such employee computer monitoring options as:

  • Online computer monitoring
  • Time tracking
  • Productivity analysis
  • Computer screen recording
  • Automatic notifications
  • Self-monitoring
  • Remote PC access
  • Keylogger
  • Remote employee monitoring
  • Classroom computer monitoring

The variety of suggested options speaks for itself. If you are looking for software that will allow you to analyze your employees’ productivity, Kickidler might be the perfect solution for you. 

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